Fiber Gummies and FA3



Are Vitafusion Fiber Gummies an acceptable form of fiber supplement, instead of the FiberChoice? Or is inulin preferable to poly-d?

If I’m taking FA3 as well as Flameout, should I just take as many FA3 capsules as Flameout capsules each day? My plan calls for 5 Flameouts.


  1. I’m not sure what else is in those gummies, and there are some benefits to inulin itself. I may be okay to switch though; some people don’t even need the extra fiber.

  2. That will add calories, something to keep in mind. That might be okay. The FA3 isn’t necessary for this short amount of time. If you choose to include it just have a capsule with every shake (but not Surge). If you need to keep calories down, drop half a scoop of MD.