Fiber During V-Diet

Another (possibly) stupid question with fibre intake during the V-Diet. Basically, is fibre considered ‘carbs’ for purposes of keeping under the recommended 100 grams/day?

I ask this cause I’ve been taking psyllium husks as a fibre supplement, but taking anywhere from 6-9 tablespoons a day during the diet. This is approximately 135 grams of husks, which, according to FitDay has 104.4gm of fibre(hence 104g of carbs).

Does this mean i’m going completely over my carb intake every day? Do I need to scale the psyllium back or does it not really matter(as it doesn’t get absorbed by the body)?



That 104gm passes through the body and is not used as energy. It sounds like you are getting about 30gms of carbs.

Can I ask why so much fiber?

During my first V-Diet round, didn’t take much fibre and as a result, didn’t go to the bathroom for about 5 days… and when I did… um… suffice to say it hurt. A lot :expressionless:

Don’t want to go through the… experience again, so figured better safe than sorry.

But, for purposes of this diet, to follow it properly, I’m not going over my carb limit by taking that much fibre?

the extra fiber can do no harm – just help – are you mixing in the flax meal into your shakes? that should help with the going problem. It makes it a little nutty i find … the shakes that is!

i agree! tastes delicious in some choco-banana mixed!
The fiber choice tabs are good too. I have 4-5 a day!

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