Few Queries About the Supplements


Hi Chris,

I got introduced to your awesome and disciplined eating methodology  very recently..  I am a 26yr old female who has lost a whopping 60 pounds in the past one and a half years..I still have about 20 pounds to lose..I am 168 cm tall and weigh 150 pounds.. I would like to build muscle and  bring down my body fat.. As a  beginner to your philosophy, I am quite confused if I can also take Metabolic Drive and the other supplementation? Could you please be kind enough to help me with the supplements I need to take? I am quite confused about the multivitamin supplementation as well.. Please help me out..



Are you thinking of doing the V-Diet or you are just talking about supplements in general?

Either way, all the supplements in the V-Diet are made for men and women if that’s what you’re worried about.

Not sure what multivitamin you mean; we don’t offer one here.

Reply and post any questions you have below. Would be glad to help you out.


Thank you for your prompt reply… I am working out with a trainer at Equinox… Could you please tell me my daily supplementation? I am more than willing to buy your products… Could you please categories and tell me as to when I should take those? I am following the paleo diet and mostly have only one meal a day… Should I take a multivitamin tablet as well? I would value your opinion a lot…


So you’re not talking about the V-Diet, just asking supplement advice in general?

Just clarifying. Most people in the forum ask V-Diet questions.


Nope… Not at all…I would love to take your V-Diet supplements and it’s about that I want you to categories at what time should I take your V-Diet supplement?


Oh, okay. The V-Diet prints out a chart for you. First, go here:

In the tab marked “3 - The Diet” you’ll see two tabs. The second has a place to put your weight and gender. Once you do that, scroll down and you’ll see how and when to take everything.

It’ll look like this:

[center] [/center]

Let me know if you have any questions after that.