Females Using Mag-10

I am going to begin using Mag-10 and Pulse Feast dieting when it comes in the mail. My wife is interested in doing this with me. She hates eating during the day, but loves to eat dinner. So this looks like it would fit her perfectly.

She wants to drop the post-baby body and get back in shape. She currently does not lift, but is going to begin doing daily HIIT and weight training. She wants to lost about 50lbs.

Would Mag-10 work well for her?

Would she take the normal servings it has on the container? I believe she is roughly 180-200lbs right now.

For sure she can take it, no problem. Tons of women use Mag-10. Many of them talk about it throughout the forum here. @HawaiiTunya is one that comes to mind, but there are plenty.

And yep, Regular servings with 2 scoops per pulse are fine.

MAG-10 is awesome. Depending on what my coach, Amit Sapir, has on the intake for the day, I use one or two servings a day. If I am feeling sick, can’t really eat anything solid, than I will do a couple of extra servings to make up for the lost meals.

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We are planning on doing the Pulse Feast. So I believe that is Mag-10 every 2-3 hrs, then indigo before 1st plazma, then 2nd plazma during workout, then final mag-10 one hr after workout, then feast between 7-8ish.

That seems like the game plan for now until I get the product and read more forums to find the best protocol. Do you recommend any protocol?

Chris, do you recommend a specific protocol or just follow what’s been posted to the forums?

My wife’s schedule is pretty simple, my schedule is a little different. Was curious what you thought a good protocol would be for the Mag-10 and plazma:

Monday: w/ trainer at 10am

Friday: w/ trainer at 11am

Tues, weds, Thursday: train around 5

How would I get the most out of my mag-10, indigo, and plazma with this schedule?

I’ll be starting a journal to track progress.

The label use is always a great place to start because that’s the ideal and most effective approach. Plazma, 2 scoops per workout and start drinking it about 15 minutes before training. Indigo-3G, 6 caps a half-hour before the pre-workout Plazma or, on non-training days, 6 caps a half-hour before dinner.

Mag-10 is a little more flexible. The pulse feast is 3 scoops twice a day. Otherwise it can be 1-2 scoops whenever - first thing in the morning, last thing at night, between meals, with meals, an hour after training.

If we’re wording it like this, just make sure it’s 1 scoop before and 1 scoop during (so, 2 scoops for the total workout), not 2 scoops before and another 2 scoops during.

Chris, so your saying to take the Mag-10 three times a day in 2 scoop increments? I have seen in other posts in the forums that to increase the effectiveness of Mag-10 for fat loss to take Mag-10 every 2-3 hours.

Is this not recommended? I don’t want to follow an old post/recommendation if there is a better way.

If you’re doing the specific pulse feast plan, that calls for three scoops twice a day. One 3-scoop drink in the morning and one 3-scoop drink in the afternoon.

You can certainly use Mag-10 without following the pulse feast and treat the pulses almost like you’d use a “normal” protein shake, having a pulse between meals or other times of the day. Used like this, the pulses could be 1 or 2-scoops each.

[quote=“lmarkis, post:7, topic:6463”]
I have seen in other posts in the forums that to increase the effectiveness of Mag-10 for fat loss to take Mag-10 every 2-3 hours.[/quote]
That sounds almost like the old pulse fast (fast, not feast. Quite the opposite. :wink: ). It was basically having a pulse every few hours, all day long. I actually can’t find the info, but if I remember right, the idea was that it’s usually just for one or two days a week, with normal eating the other days. But that’s not the “standard” way to use Mag-10.

Ok. I thought because it was from a post in 2013 that things may have changed or I was maybe getting it mixed up. So just follow the directions on the container and that will be best process for fat loss. I hope I don’t get too hungry during those down periods :slight_smile:

Can I continue taking multi-vitamin, fish oil, vitamin d, etc…while on mag-10?

I may be reaching back out to you about how best to use the products around workouts.

Like how close to a workout can I take a Mag-10, how close to a meal can I take a Mag-10, should I not eat after a certain time at night, should I take a mag-10 before bed or let the meal be the last thing I ingest? Should I take indigo before meal if I already took it before plazma earlier in day?

I may be over complicating it, but I’d rather know all the ins and outs.

This is pretty much always the best bet. Things like Indigo or Surge Workout Fuel, for example, have been improved and changed since they first appeared, but posts referring to older formulas are still around.

Black coffee, chewing gum, and grit. Grit like willpower, not grit like grits. :wink:

[quote=“lmarkis, post:9, topic:6463”]
Like how close to a workout can I take a Mag-10[/quote]
If you’re using Plazma before and during, you don’t “need” Mag-10 until an hour or so after lifting. But, depending on the workout, you could use Mag-10 instead of Plazma. That works best for intense-but-non-lifting workouts like sprints, hard prowler pushes, interval cardio, etc.

You could in theory have Mag-10 with a meal and you’d still get the high-quality protein, but to maximize the amino pulse, I’d have it an hour or so before eating, so the protein from the meal doesn’t blunt the amino spike.

Debatable. Depends a bit on your overall daily calories and activity. I like a rule of thumb to not eat before two-ish hours before bed, but that’s mostly for digestion and sleep than metabolism. Also, I try to minimize drinking anything too close to bed to try waking up less to pee.

Either way. Mag-10 works great before bed because it can spike blood aminos and compound with the natural hormones released during sleep to help with recovery. But some people like having something more solid, if anything, at night.

Indigo is only taken once a day. If you took it before having Plazma and training, you’re set.

Wow Chris, thanks so much for all this info.

Just got all the products in the mail. Getting the Indigo Monday. Starting tomorrow morning with it all.

Just a few things from your replys:

The chart provided on the Pulse Feast article shows two pulses per day, three pulses on non-training days. From our discussion here it sounds like we can also do a Pulse one hour after intense workout (let’s say @ 1pm after an 11am workout lasting till noon) and we can take a Mag-10 before bed (let’s say 10pm or 11pm after an 8pm dinner). Will this enhance fat loss?

I am moving everything up one hour to work with our schedule and our twins schedule. So my day will begin at 8am allowing me to eat at 8pm when babies are in bed. 7pm is a bit of a mad house. My dinners will mostly consists of chicken, sweet potato, avocado, steak, eggs, etc…clean eating.

Also, to ensure I get a good night sleep I began taking Luna. It’s an all natural sleep aid. It contains melatonin, L-Theanine, Magnesium, Valerian extract, chamomile extract, Passion flower extract, lemon balm extract, Hops extract, GABA. Does melatonin have a negative impact on metabolism like Benedril does?

I’m trying to evaluate everything I take to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the process. For example, CT informed me not to take my multi-vitamin cause it has MCT oil in it.

Z-12 is good for sleep as well. How’s the diet going for you and your wife?

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