Female V-Dieters Plateau?

I’m a male and I’ve had phenomenal success with the V-Diet. Seeing my results my girlfriend became motivated and got on it as well. She wanted to lose 35 lbs so we used that formula.

At 160 lbs she was to get 1040 kcal a day and around 1200 kcal on workout days. Well she’s been on it for a week now and she has not lost a SINGLE lbs!!?? Here’s the kicker, I didn’t even give her the extra boost on workout days, so she got 1040 kcal every single day.

These results is devastating and I don’t know what to tell her. Have you female dieters encountered anything similar? What did you do??

Why on earth did you lower her calories even more? You’ve likely shut her down with too few calories. Re-do her numbers with the regular formula and don’t change the diet.

Sounds familiar. On a dutch forum I mentioned the V-Diet and people were impressed with the results. So a woman went on it and didn’t lose anything weight wise, but she did lose 1-1.5% bodyfat. Still that is nothing worth while either since you can lose 0.5% bodyfat a week with a strict regime.

Then my stepmother also got in on it and she did lose significantly (for her doing), but my dad lost twice as much at the same time under the same conditions.

It just seems that women have a harder time with it for some odd reason.

She didn’t want the extra calories for the workout so I thought (bad idea) that that would just put her on a extra low calorie deficit and thus speed the process.

Using common logic, if we add calories now, won’t she gain weight? I’m going to have a helluva time convincing her to eat more now, after seeing no changes for the week with the current plan.

It is very contradicting, but in most cases you need to eat more to lose weight. This is not just for the V-Diet, but for eating in general. Most overweight people are underfed. Sure they eat loads, but there is little to no real nutrients in it. The body goes in survival mode storing fat and if you keep crashing it’ll shut down bodily functions.

So…get her to eat as Shug’s calculations tell her to eat. Jack up, stimulate, her metabolism to burn.

Same for messed up metabolisms. Put on kcal in small steps and excercise. Push the kcals up step by step. But with the V-Diet its only 200-300kcal more for 3 days. So put it on right away.

Actually, if I’m reading Shugs right, he said to put her on the regular formula, not the 35+, so she’d be at 1306/1632 for raw numbers.


Sounds like a very tricky situation… I hope it works out well for her.

Anyway, it makes sense that men would get better results because of more muscle mass. You look pretty solid so I’m guessing that extra muscle helped the fat burning process a lot.

Any female feedback?

How have her past couple of days gone? Did she up the cals? Quit entirely? Keep the same? All the news that’s fit to print…


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