Female Triathlete tries the V-Diet

So long story short I’m a runner / Triathlete first, but I have recently gotten hurt and unable to swim for a month but won’t interfere with my NEPA and lifting. I’ve been tossing the idea of the velocity diet around for awhile but due to running / triathlons I have never been able to take a solid month off from that type of training till now. My “A” race isn’t until October 25th which is the Austin Half Ironman…so my training plan doesn’t kick off until June 1st so I figured why not the velocity diet now. My goal has always been to be under 150lbs and have abs that POP! ( in the triathlon world 150+ females are in the Athena category, and even though I can compete in my age group it’s very hard to keep up with the 120lb 5’2 girls)…anyways

I was going to allow myself to ease into the diet but figured why not just go out with a bang and enjoyed a Breakfast buffet, chips and dip all day and Golden Carrel buffet for dinner last night including a late night snack at IHop after the movies. (So I went out with a BIG bang) So I’m guessing my beginning stats might be a little off. I’m not so much concerned with what the weight / bf numbers tell me more than I am with what the mirror and measurements do.

Stats Day #1:

Height: 6’0
Weight: 158.4
BF%: 22.5 ( Scale told me this, I think this may be a little high but I could also be wrong)
Bellybutton stomach area: 31"
Thigh: 20"
Calf: 14"
Chest: 36" 1/4’
Upper belly: 27".5’
Bicep: 12".5’
Neck: 14"
Here are my before pictures: I wasn’t sure which type to take and as you can tell I’m a horrible picture taker…

Pictures: I’m not sure how to make it bigger, but I guess this is fine

It’s awesome you aren’t discouraged and complacent during an injury and you’ve decided to undertake the Velocity challenge. I can tell you have a strong will to compete and will probably succeed easily. Keep us posted! You’re lookin’ great already so I can’t wait to see what you can acheive.

What Phat said. Hotness already there, can only imagine you smoking this thing. Great idea keeping yourself together through an injury in some way, and the vdiet is perfect!

Welcome aboard, o’ amazonian queen of the triathlon!

Keep us posted!

Welcome to the diet!


Your mental toughness from endurance training will come in handy as you rock this diet!

As I sit here and sip my last Metabolic Drive shake for the day, I have to say today wasn’t quite as difficult as I would have imagined but saying that I’m not looking forward to day 2-6 though. I’ve read it gets easier once past that point.

We went out for our usually Chinese double dinner date with our neighbors and while it smelt amazingly delicious I held on strong. I have since taped pictures on the fridge, pantry and mirror of abs that I want mine to look like.

Also, I went for my 60 minute NEPA walk and even though it was a hour walk I sit here and have tremendous amounts of energy, I’m hoping I can get to sleep tonight. I think it has to do with the HOT-ROX and not running my usually 8-10 long Sunday run.

I’m looking forward to lifting tomorrow morning, before this I have lifted 3-4 days a week but mostly for tri related functioning and purpose and also I’m a big Olympic Lift guru so this is somewhat of a nice change.

The only thing that worries me about the diet is that I’m currently studying for the NSCA certification test and don’t want to be too tired to study, but I’m sure that won’t be a factor. But everyone have a great night and onto Day 2 tomorrow!

Wow! Day 2 is a lot tougher hahaha, still going strong though? I think the crappy part is I completely forgot that this week was teacher’s appreciation week. Which at my school includes showering us with candy / treats/ buffet style lunches and snacks all week, two of my students brought in plants and trays of cookies for me…I brought them immediately to the coach’s office…out of sight out of mind …

Good quick action there getting rid of the cookies! Bet that was one long walk to the coach’s office carrying all those cookies. Way to be strong.

Great to have you with us! About two years ago I stopped competing in local bodybuilding shows and started competing in triathlons. It has been the most challenging and rewarding sport I have ever competed in. I have been on basketball, football, and track teams, but this is THE most rewarding.

I started the V-Diet around the same time as Phat. I am on day 27 today. I will transition this week and get back on the Surge Workout Fuel: good stuff! I won’t compete without it.

I started the V-Diet with much hesitation because I thought I would not be ready in time for the July triathlon here in MN. I was shocked when I started doing the workouts. V-Burn oh my God! I don’t feel like I’m off track at all. Even though I did not do much running, cycling or swimming, aerobically I’m on track. I used the V-Diet to jumpstart my training and it did.

I completely understand when you mention the weight of the triatheletes. Last year I competed at 198 and I was huge compared to some of my competitors. However, I compete in the 40 something group and I compete on the sprint course. Anyway, welcome and don’t think you will miss anything by not sticking with your tri routine.


Hey! thanks for the welcome aboard…

I made my “dinner” shake just now and instead of just eating my peanut butter and then my shake I mixed it in a blender all together with some ice…DAMN what a difference it made…I’m going to have to make this a daily thing…today was with vanilla next time I will try it with the chocolate.

Day 2 is complete…well I have one more shake before bed but the hardest part about today was being in school at lunch time when all the other teachers were eating all the food I sat there already finished with my shake.

I can’t believe I’m already 2 days into this, I know I still have a long way to go but I feel strong and good my NEPA walk and lifting this morning went great…took some time to find the proper weight though.

Just to echo what Mmcrath said, smart move on your part, and don’t worry at all about whether doing only NEPA will hurt your tri performance. Less weight = better tri performance. It’s that simple. And don’t even think about doing any endurance work during the V-Diet. Trust me on this; been there tried that.

BTW, I’m also a “Clydesdale” looking to go down in weight. I’ve done a couple of tris at over 200 and although I finished them, it’s not that much fun coming in near last. This season, my first race is an October marathon. I’m not even going to sign up for anything until the weight comes off.

LOL, I coudl not agree with you more, Mike. I haven’t registered either. I have to drop the lbs this year before i do. I have already met my goal weight on the V-Diet. So I’m only about three weeks from signing up. I do not want to be a clydesdale this year :slight_smile:

lol thanks guys…thats my motto to…a lighter triathlete is a faster triathlete…

Day #3
Today has been tough so far breakfeast buffet in the lounge and red beans w/ rice and fried chicken for lunch Geez its like they KNOW that I can’t eat.

Other than that still going strong…

My fiance asked me if I was drunk this morning…I have so much extra energy I feel like…I don’t know.

Can I do a NEPA walk everyday? or am I suppose to be doing one everyday?

Supposed to do one every day.

Except the V-Burn day, I think…you can do it anyways.

Thanks guys, day 3 is in the bag…this was harder hahaha like I said if it wasn’t teacher week it wouldn’t be so bad…

Onto day 4

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