Female Supplements

My wife is very sensitive to stimulants. She enjoys weight training and jogging. I am looking for some advice on supplements for her to loose bodyfat and gain muscularity. I was looking at Indigo-3G and Carbolin 19 for her.

<a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G and <a href=""target=“new”>Carbolin 19 are great choices. Also, she should check into <a href=""target=“new”>Se7en.

All these are “dual action” when it comes to body comp changes: fat loss and muscle gain. All of them can be stacked together in any combo, but if we had to suggest only one, go with Indigo-3G. In my opinion and experience, Indigo’s ability to repair the underlying issues hampering both fat loss and muscle gains, such as dysfunctional nutrient uptake, make it the best choice for long term progress.

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