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Hi :wave:
Just signed up! Interested in all the cool Biotest supps…but could use some help on a good stack!.
I want to get to a lower weight class but beable to still train…any macro and supp help would be greatly appreciated!..I’m 37 148lb 33% bf lift 4 days a week. Oh and 5’2" if that at all matters…

First place to start for maximum bang-for-buck is workout nutrition. If you can improve performance during sessions and improve recovery between sessions, you’re gonna improve results overall.

Plazma is the best of the best on that end. One serving per workout would be a great place to start.

To drop a weight class without impacting performance significantly (since that’d be counterproductive), I’d go with Indigo-3G. It’s a nutrient partitioner that basically retrains your body to better process carbs, so you don’t necessarily need to use a low-carb diet to drop body fat. That way your energy won’t take a hit and you can keep the training volume/intensity a bit higher than you’d otherwise be able to.

As far as an actual nutrition plan goes, not sure how you’re currently eating, but this is a pretty solid general setup: How to Stay Strong When Dieting - Biotest
Just tweak it as you go based on the results you’re seeing.

You might also want to check out the T Nation Powerlifting forum to get more training input from other competitors about setting up a routine to drop a class without losing strength.

Out of curiosity, what class are you aiming to get down into?

Hi :wave:
Thanks for the feedback!
I’m trying to get into the 132lb class…think it just went down from 138 which I wasn’t happy with…I’ve been stuck at 148 for awhile…I went and got a dexa scan…all my extra weight is thigh, hip, but…so was wondering if its a cortisol issue ramping up my estrogen…and suggestions? Was thinking about taking a little Anavar

[quote=“PLgirl84, post:3, topic:8047”]
I’ve been stuck at 148 for awhile[/quote]
What’s your current training week (weights and cardio)?

What’s your nutrition look like right now?

To be fair, this isn’t really a bad thing for powerlifting. But I get what you’re saying.

That’s one possibility, but a lot of factors are involved in managing cortisol - sleep, nutrition, training volume, etc. I’m not 100% bought-in to the hormone-fat storage site concept, but many trainers smarter than I do vouch for it, so it could be worth looking into if you’re thinking that route. I believe you can see solid progress by fine-tuning your diet and training without necessarily taking the effects hormones into a ton of consideration.

That’s a bit beyond the scope of this forum, but no, steroids are definitely not needed to drop 15 pounds.

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