Female Log - Support Encouraged!


Started day 1 today.

Shakes 1: 800 am - Strawberry with a good amount of ice - really enjoyed with the flax! The flax made it seem as though I had used real strawberries :slight_smile: went down easy. Took HOT-ROX with shake -I have a sensitive stomach and didn’t want to chance feeling bad at work. No side effects noticed :slight_smile:

Shake 2: 11:00 am - Chocolate and water - was a little burpy afterwards. Took HOT-ROX 20 mins after shake, noticed higher energy and more chatty/energetic for about 45 mins.

Shake 3: 2:30 pm - Strawberry - little difficult to get it all down. Used water and no ice, I think I prefer them icy. I didn’t feel very good for about an hour afterwards - burpy and stomach making a lot of noise.

Shake 4: 5:30 pm - Vanilla, ice, cinnamon - I think I prefer the shakes that call for Superfood to be made with the Strawberry flavor powder. Vanilla and cinnamon has potential to be my favorite, if it didn’t have the Superfood flavor.

I had a very difficult workout two days ago and am still very sore down my entire back and hamstrings. I am going to take it easy today and just do my NEPA, so I can be fully recovered before I start the weights training. Therefore, I am thinking my plan will look like this: Sat, Mon, Wed weights - Thurs V Challenge and HSM.

Overall: Feeling a bit tired and stomach acting up at times.
Motivation: High - because I am excited to drop my carb and sugar additions :slight_smile: hoping they are the reason I feel funky
Next steps: 1) Do my daily NEPA 2) Purchase sugar free tablets & and sparkling water
Carb Monster Level: under control :slight_smile:


Utilizing the Seinfeld Calendar for the diet, going on the fridge!


Enjoy the journey! Off to an AWESOME start!


Thank you for the encouragement! Only 27 Days left! Haha!

Finishing up Day 1:

I had a huge surge of energy around 7pm. Did my NEPA then, 30 mins walking 4.0, incline 2. Biking 30 mins resistance 2.

Shake 5: 10:00 pm - Chocolate with 365’s creamy peanut butter - nom nom nom.

Energy Surge has finally left me, feeling tired now :slight_smile:


Day 2

9:30 Shake 1 - Strawberry, blended with ice and flax, I love this one. Took 1 HOT-ROX 15 mins before and no upset stomach, gonna try two tomorrow and see if it upsets belly.
12:30 Weights, NEPA & Surge shake, took 1 HOT-ROX before leaving for gym -
Front Squat: 50lbs, 11-9; I will need to up the weights obviously, lower back was still hurting from kettle bell swings on Weds and didn’t want to over do it.
Chin-up: 5-5-5-4-1.
Dumbbell Bench Press: 35lbs, 7-6-7, looks like I need to up the weights here too.
Ab-Wheel Rollout: 10-6-4, this was making my arms shake and shoulders burn!
NEPA: 30 mins walking - incline 2, 4.0 mph, stationary bike resistance 2, book Fifty Shades of Gray :slight_smile:
2:00 Shake 2 - Vanilla with cinnamon and ice shaken, meh, okay, any other recommendations for flavoring vanilla?

Rest of the Day Goals:
4:30 Shake 3 - Chocolate
7:30 Shake 4 - Strawberry, flax, superfood, blended (favorite!)
10:00 Shake 5 - Gonna try a mix of 1 scoop Choc, 1 scoop Strawberry, 2 tbsp nut butter :slight_smile:

Overall: Feeling great! Energy is high.
Motivation: High - excited to put my 2nd red X on my calendar :slight_smile:
Next steps: Purchase sugar free tablets & and sparkling water! Off to Target.
Carb Monster: Nonexistent :slight_smile: My husband has termed my ability to always be hungry when eating carbs my ‘Carb Monster’, helps me to realize that I am not actually hungry, but instead probably eating crap that isn’t benefiting me. The Carb Monster tends to be roaring it’s head off when I am eating crap, on vacation, or when stressed out :wink:


Day 3

Today’s Goals/Schedule

9:30 Shake 1 - Strawberry, flax, superfood, blended with ice, I love this one! Took 2 HOT-ROX 15 mins before, no belly aches, just the jitters right now!
12:30 Shake 2 - Vanilla with pumpkin pie spices, blended with ice - 1st time trying, hopefully it is good! 2 HOT-ROX
3:30 Shake 3 - Chocolate, ice, shaken
6:30 Shake 4 - Strawberry, flax, Superfood, blended - nom nom nom
9:30 Shake 5 - 1 scoop Choc, 1 scoop Strawberry, nut butter - Made it last night, it is awesome! 2nd favorite shake. 2 scoop Choc & nut butter was a bit overwhelming on first night, when I switched one scoop to Strawberry it was the perfect combination! Fantastic!

Overall: Feeling good!
Motivation: High. 3rd red X tonight!
Next steps: NEPA this afternoon. 1 hour - walking & biking.
Carb Monster: Nonexistent.
Obstacles overcome: Went to a movie last night, friends had popcorn - smelled great! Belly made a few grumbles and I told it to Harden The Fuck Up. :slight_smile:


Day 3 Front

Decided to take some pictures as my buddha belly is already disappearing on Day 3!


Day 3 Side


Day 1 Front


Day 1 Side


Day 3 - Done :slight_smile:

Just did my NEPA - 30 mins walking 4.0 mph, 1-2 incline, 17 mins biking. Started feeling tired and light headed. Made my final shake. Gonna get ready for bed soon. Waking up to Day 4 :slight_smile: Already thinking about my HSM on Thursday!


Day 4

Feeling horrible today. Went to bed last night and had an upset stomach. Hoping it would go away during the night. Woke up and it is worse. Burpy, hiccuping and nausea. Ugh! I wish this happened on Saturday, or Sunday. I need to be productive today and I can’t even think about drinking a shake, or getting ready for work. Advise!


Keep it up!! There will be days when it seems you can’t possibly get ONE shake down, let alone 5! You have to just “harden the fuck up” (love that) and sling it back and you’ll be that much closer to putting a big bold red X on your calendar! Did you take before pics and measurements? I found that looking back on the pics really helps…soon you’ll start noticing your clothes fitting differently…If you stick with it, the worst part about this diet… you’ll have to go purchase a new SMALLER wardrobe!


I hope the next day is better for you.


It gets easier…there certainly are some blah days during the first week. After that you will only feel stronger!


Fuck today.

So I went to bed last night feeling like shit. I really didn’t have cravings but my stomach was killing me and growling like crazy. So I went to bed thinking it would be fine in the morning and I would eat immediately and feel fine then. So wrong!!! When my alarm went off I thought I was being stabbed in the stomach. The thought of putting anything in my mouth made me want to vomit. I jumped in the shower and left for work hoping it would settle, and took some gas x.

1 hour later I think I am going to die and can not focus let alone teach my 4th grade summer school class. I call the principal and she graciously covers my class for 20 mins while I run off campus to try and grab some healthy food. I got carrots, an apple and whole wheat turkey sandwich. It took me over 2 hours to get it all down. I have been really bummed all day as I feel it hasn’t been that bad so far and that I was gonna make it.

I have been double guessing myself a lot today wondering if doing something that has such a negative effect on my body and effects my ability to teach is worth it.

After doing some research tonight I am thinking that it was the flax that messed me up so much.

I am sitting here pissed, depressed, and trying to make good decisions.

I made myself a HSM for dinner and filled up super fast.

I am thinking about dusting myself off and starting fresh tomorrow, minus a wounded ego.

P.s. when I weighed myself this morning, Day 3, I was already down 6 lbs, I was wondering if that sounded too high for someone my size in such a short amount of time. 5’1 140 to 134 in 3 days…

Any advise on v diet light?

I am having some internal conflicts right now.


Thanks for all the support everyone. It really does help.


i wouldn’t quit out at this stage. i felt pretty horrible about 4 days in, which came & went over the next week. unfortunately, all you can do is stick it out. it definitely gets easier.

jump back into it tomorrow. get rid of the flax, and pick up some sugarfree metamucil. see if your stomach finds that more agreeable. for a quick fix, some ginger root tea works wonders at settling the stomach. finally, when i felt crook upon waking, the best thing was just to go for my daily walk and to have an icey shake when i got back. even though you might not feel like having anything, it really helped.

all the best


I felt like crap a couple of times when I did this. The flax can really make your stomach hurt. I also cut back on the fiber chews to recommended dosage. Drink more water than you think you can. Drink your shakes at set times, it really helped me. Good luck I hope you are feeling better. You may also look into V-diet light. Which I think you do an HSM daily.


Time to put another red “x” on the calendar! Way to go!