Female, Fat, and 55 - Week 1 Successes

I know that most V-dieters are youngsters trying to get those abs to show up but there are some of us with a little more life experience who would like to shed some pounds. It used to be much easier to cut back and lose some weight but after certain age-related changes (hot flashes and more!), that became seemingly impossible.

I tried low carb, no carb, and someone else’s expensive shakes. I had no luck and felt like crap.

My son went from chubby to amazing thanks to the V-Diet so I finally decided I would try it. I figured I’d probably live to see the end of March so why not arrive at April 1 with fewer pounds.

Day 1 - fine, I can do this

Day 2 - fuzzy, I may not make it to April 1, can’t think, want to go back to bed

Day 3 - better, I might be able to make it if I don’t have to do any hard thinking.

Day 4 - hey, I’m alive - actually feeling pretty good. I think I should have lost at least 10 pounds by now but that’s probably unreasonable.

Day 5 - Great day - creativity back, energy back, chocolate shakes are way too thick. Chris replied to my question about a little bouillon by telling me I couldn’t have any. Fine. I won’t. I’ll do the plan but I had better lose some weight.

Day 6 - Feeling great. Didn’t even wake up hungry. Tomorrow is HSM day. I thought I would be craving all sorts of things but not so much. My blender is dead so I have to shake the shakes. That means I can’t blend the peanut butter into my last shake so I just eat it straight. If you would have told me a week ago that 2 T of peanut butter would be a satisfying snack, well, it is. AND, drum roll here, I have lost 7 pounds and inches everywhere (except thighs - come on thighs!.

Thanks Chris. I have 3 weeks to go and expect continued success.

Everyone who’s thinking about starting or on Day 2 or 3 and thinking about quitting, do start, don’t quit. It’s not that hard and it gets better.

Success to all V-Dieters!!

Awesome! Keep us updated and let us know how the HSM goes!

great work. keep it up.

Fantastic! Are you doing the workouts? I’m 58 yo so your are still a youngin’ here. lol

Keep up the fight.

The longer you do it the stronger you will get!


I start Sunday, I may start my journal tomorrow with all the goodies, if not, it will be Sunday.


Donna–you’re doing great!!! I’m a young-un’—all of 44!!!

41 here. Good to see us vets kicking ass on the V-Diet. :slight_smile:

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