Feeling Puffy


Hello again, so I’m well into transition week 2 eating 2 HSM’s, my system seems to have slowed down, I don’t know if it’s bloated or puffy from water retention. I do a breakfast shake 1st with leucine, super food, and the FA3 and Flameout, then HSM which is eggs broccoli or Okra and either small portion of fruit or sweet potato, then another shake with everything but super food, then HSM of chicken usually with alot of zucchini and green peppers all grilled, then a night shake if I’m feeling hungry.

That’s my diet right now so I don’t know why I feel this way, I feel like my fingers are puffy and other places, feeling this way makes me feel like I can’t progress any further because it’s in the way, I’m trying to figure out what I cut out or am missing from the whole v-diet that helped me pass off all the water.

Thanks so much!!


Nothing wrong with your food choices. “Puffy” is hard to diagnose, especially with females.

It’s natural to see a little water weight after coming off of a lower carb diet. This is usually seen with fuller muscles and better pumps in the gym. Nothing to worry about.