Feeling lethargic and Difficulty Focusing


A little bit of background I’ve been on the V-Diet for 12 days now and have had 1 HSM I take the maximum of 4 HOT-ROX a day 2 in the morning at 6am and again at noon.

Overall the diet is ok. However today at work (I work as a commercial/industrial electrician) while climbing up and down a 10 foot ladder pulling wire I started to feel lethargic, weak, and all I wanted to do was go home which isn’t my normal feeling about work. Also last Thursday I took a DC theory and magnetism test at school and well my grade was rather poor I am thinking the diet might be messing up my ability to concentrate as well.

So I have 2 concerns…

1st feeling weak lethargic at work. I am not sure if its due to my workouts which are done by my personal trainer and perhaps I should scale back to the V Diet workouts and that may solve my issue of weak and fatigue or that I might need just a bit more food?

My workout for Wednesday was

Super Set (no rest between sets)
4 sets of (8-12) reps
Bench Press
Pull ups

Super set (no rest between sets)
4 sets of (8-12) reps
Incline Bench Press
Bar bell Bent over rows

Super set (no rest between sets)
4 sets of (8-12) reps
Dumbbell pull over
Seated shrugs

Super set (no rest between sets)
4 sets of (8-12) reps
Peck Deck
Hyper extensions

Now all of my work outs are similar to this in regards to no rest between sets.

My other concern is my lack of concentration… I feel like a scatter brain when trying to focus on a task or in my studies. I have Power Drive that i got to do a pulse fast but never fallowed through on it. Should I be using that when i go to class and taking a test or should I heat a HSM before my test?


Many people feel a little mental fog when on a lower carb diet plan. Usually, they adjust after a week or so. But yes. Power Drive can help ease that transition.

Second, yes, you should be following the V-Diet workouts. They are designed especially for someone on a diet like this so they won’t under or overtrain.

Are you using Surge Recovery?


Yup using Surge Recovery after my work outs.

Im gonna have to fallow the V-Diet work outs it seems and see if it changes at all for me in being exhausted even after 7-8 hours of sleep at night.



Also keep in mind that you are in “food rehab.” This is a tough, mostly-liquid diet designed to strip off fat and blast bad dietary habits in just 4-6 weeks. It won’t always be a walk in the park and you won’t feel perfect all the time.

Now, we don’t want you to pass out of course! But some unpleasantness has to be expected with any strict, hardcore diet plan.


I felt something similar on days 3-5 of the diet, but it subsided as my body adjusted to the change. I did have one day (~day 22) where I was really busy and couldn’t take my shakes at the right times, and I felt pretty bad that day.
Are you sticking the timing, or is your job making you go 5-6 hours between shakes?


i am getting my shakes with in 30 mins of the scheduled times. my biggest issue was not fallowing the work out routine as I thought it was too easy. Apparently my work outs were just too much for my caloric intake and my body wasn’t recovering.


I find that the vast majority of people who find the workouts “to easy” are doing them wrong: rest periods, tempo, sets/reps… not many get hem right for some reason. My guess is that they print out the list of exercises but don’t read the actual instructions. They simply don’t “get” the Waterbury set/rep guidelines.