Feeling Great on the V-Diet

I started the V-Diet this morning and am feeling great! I am not going to post my pictures until the end as they are not something that everyone needs to see. However I did take the pictures and they they are hanging on my wall in my bedroom for a constant reminder of my progress.

I have been with a personal trainer for 2 months and have lost 4 pounds and 16 inches and thought that this would be the next transformation that I will need. My son is also doing this with me. He tried this last year and only made it two weeks but had great results. This time he will succeed with me making all 6 weeks of the program

Day 2 - I made it through day 1 with ease. i am really glad that I was training with my trainer before as I am able to do the advanced workout. I have already went throught the workouts last week and found the very similar to what I have been doing. I will find out tonight how it feels will the diet.

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