Feeling Fatigued on Week Four


im on day 25 of my V-Diet and have been feeling really fatigued the last few days. today i am really tired even after getting good sleep. i have been doing my workouts just as they are in the program and i have even skipped my last two NEPA walks except for today. i havent changed anything besides that. my last workout was medium weight(yesterday,with pulse fast) and i went hard. i was feeling this way from the workout before that but today its really getting to me.

i also have been feeling weak the last few days. my reps dropped yesterday on push press with the same weight i did last week. i only have three days left until week 5 and i get a HSM daily i cant wait.


I usually recommend a shorter V-Diet if adding Pulse Fast days.


that was only the second fast i have done. i did one the first week then ran out of MAG-10 and u recently got more. when i start the transition should i stop the pulse fasts? will i continue to lose fat coming into the transition?


Most people lose fat through the transition as well. You can add back in extra activity once transition begins too.