Feeling Faint, Low Energy and Side Aches?

Hi everyone,

I’m posting for my wife (she doesn’t really care to post) who’s started the VDiet on Monday (3/9). She’s has a hard time taking down the shakes because she’s got a sensitive palette and she gets really full from them (too much liquid for her). But she’s toughing it out w/a lot of encouragement.

The problem lately, especially today, is that she’s been feeling like she’s going to faint when she gets up or walks around a lot. She’s also had a constant side ache (like you get from running when you’re out of shape) for the last couple of days. She’s also feeling pretty low on energy but I think this is common to the VDiet.

Is there something she needs to do to alleviate these symptoms? We thought maybe she needed more water but she has a hard time drinking even more fluids in addition to the shakes.

Anybody have any suggestions? They would be much appreciated.


Drink more water. I am not an expert but it sounds like dehydration. She really can’t drink a class of water or two in between every meal?

The problem is that it takes her a really long time to drink the shakes (about an hour) so she doesn’t have a lot of time between shakes. She’s going to try to drink more water and we’ll see.

Yeah, I get that as well. Usually more at night. With all these liquids you gotta get up and pee a lot so if I am lying down I just sit up and wait for about 10-15 seconds then stand up. Otherwise I feel like I am going to run into a wall or go all wobbly.

I am not certain but I think this is something to do with ketones in the blood from fat cells being used for energy. While this is not a keto diet, I think that the carbs are a lot lower than what people are use to.

So just take it easy when standing up and she should be fine. I drink heaps of water on top of the shakes so I doubt that it is dehydration.

As far as getting the shakes down, she could mix them with about 1/4 of the water and eat them like yogurt. But she should drink much more water between meals to keep fluids up. You gotta flush out all the junk in the blood stream that is coming out of the fat cells. Nasty stuff can be found in there.

Thought I better speak for myself. My hubby has been posting for me. It’s not that I feel dizzy or wobbly when I get up.

Yesterday I was at the grocery store and the whole time I was their I felt weak and it felt like I was going to faint.

It is similar maybe to low blood sugar. which I can understand on this diet. Well, it happened again today when I was shopping with my daughter. Not sure if this is normal or not. This is day 4 for me and I would have thought my body would have adjusted by now.

Thanks all

It’s normal to feel low on energy but not to the point of fainting.
If you’re having trouble with the shakes, buy a really big glass or mixer bottle and dilute them until they are much thinner. MD makes for a thick, glutinous shake which I have trouble with, but if I dilute it enough I can chug it back, no problem. (It does mean you spent a lot of time in the bathroom but hey ho, you need a lot of fluids if you’re going to mobilise the fat stores).

Are you taking all the prescribed supplements as well? I know some people have problems with the HOT-ROX - are you sensitive to caffeine?

Sorry, hard to say what this is. Never heard of it before with the V-Diet, so it could be unrelated. Are you following the diet to a “T”, supplements, training and all?

Thank you for getting back to me. I am going to take Cal’s suggestion on diluting the shakes, that will probably help a lot.
I am following the diet to the T as far as only drinking the shakes and the training, but because I have had such a hard time getting the shakes down, I sometimes (not always) empty about an 1/8 of whats left. So maybe I am not getting enough calories??

Quick note Yes I am sensitive to caffeine I never drink coffee, tea or soda with caffeine ever. Thanks all!


I was just reading your thread - I had the exact same problem. Symptoms started kicking in for me on my 4th day (this past thursday) of the diet.

Basically I can’t finish the shakes quickly because my stomach gets full, and I woke up on day 4 feeling like I was literally going to die. VERY light headed, went to work, thought I was going to pass out. I didn’t think this was normal.

I consulted someone I know that’s a trainer that has very proficient knowledge about all sorts of things related to diet and exercise … his take on it was (this is without fully reading the information about the V-Diet) that each person seems to thrive on a different macro nutrient percentage. The zone diet seems to be the most generic that works for almost everyone and it is 40% carbs (avg. American diet is 70% carb).

He said this diet is probably at less than 20% carbs. And his consensus was that I may be one of those people that are sensitive to being on such a low carb diet. I haven’t been taking HOT-ROX (didn’t order it) because I’m EXTREMELY sensitive to caffeine … even when I drink coffee I have to really watch my intake and don’t drink it more than 1 or 2 times a week.

I remember one other time I tried to do something like this a few years ago I started having real difficulties around the same time and I had to stop.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do about the V-Diet now. I’m going to post in more detail on my own blog. It says Elk1121 in the title …

Good luck with the diet!

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