Feeling Bloated


I’ve been using Plazma for a few months now, and I still feel very bloated while drinking it, to the point where it almost makes me feel sick sometimes. I’ve tried different dosages, and also tried backing down on the flavoring. I pushed my pre workout meal back to almost 3 hours before to see if that would work also.

Pre workout I also take Micro-PA​ and Indigo-3G as instructed. Does anyone else have this problem? And is there any thing else I could try? Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve never experienced this with Plazma and my stomach is pretty sensitive to bloating. It could also be unrelated to the Plazma, what else are you eating throughout the day and for your pre workout meal?


Hmm. Yeah, that’s a bummer. I’m with @robstein in that it would be nice to know what else you’re eating.

When you say you’ve tried different dosages, is that like one vs. two servings? Or have you played around with the water amount? It might sound counterintuitive, but bumping the water amount up could help, along with sipping it slower. Sometimes when we chug things we have a tendency to gulp down a lot of additional air.


Been trying Plazma w/ berry flavor for about 5 weeks now and had issues only on the last 2 training days (2 scoops per training day, and it was the last 4 scoops of the my first bag). Felt somewhat bloated too, but the main issue was getting sick. I’ll use a separate post to explain in more detail.