Feel like a Big Puss

Hey Shug,

I’m on day 4 and this diet is ruthless. I consider myself disciplined and dedicated. I expected it to be difficult, but I feel like death. I imagine I’m close to reaching ketosis considering the overwhelming nausea. I figure I’ve got a couple more days of gutting this out, but if I can’t hit the gym for fear of puking I’m going to have to turn in my blender.

I’m looking for some light at the end of the tunnel. Can you give me an idea of whether this nausea will pass soon or recommend any physical, mental or chemical means to ease the feeling?

Thank you for any words of encouragement and/or command me to stop being a huge puss.


Most people who experience trouble are usually doing something wrong, usually skipping supplements or using the wrong supplements. So, first, make sure you’re following the diet correctly.

You shouldn’t be in ketosis or near ketosis. Are you using Surge Recovery as required?

Okay, all that out of the way, try taking your HOT-ROX with shakes, not on an empty stomach. A small minority are sensitive to it and shouldn’t take it on an empty stomach. (I’m one of them actually.) Still works great.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have half a container of some Primaforce L-Leucine left so I didn’t buy the Biotest leucine product. If you feel that is the difference, I’ll try to understand, but the serving of 5g is the same. I have only had one gym session, my second is tonight. After the first, I followed the PWO recommendation and drank the recovery shake. I had some green tea and chewed some sugar free gum this afternoon and the nausea subsided. I will gut this out. I diverge…have you read any of the controversial information regarding flax seeds and a correlation to prostate cancer? I spoke to my doctor regarding the diet and and he said I might want to substitute the flax with a combination of naturally derived soluble and insoluble fibers present in another supplement. Will that derail the diet if I choose that path?

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