Feedback on Supplement Routine?

After a fair amount of twisting/tweaking/torquing, I’ve got a shelf full of supplements and a 6x per day regimen. And while everything appears to be helping, it is a bit burdensome. I can and will continue doing what I’m doing if it appears to make sense, but I’m also open to the idea that I’ve simply gone off the deep end with supplements and that I can simplify my life by cutting back here and there.
Here’s my schedule…
5 AM

  • Eat Finibar
  • Take Vyvanse (for ADHD)
  • Take B12 (bloodwork showed just under the bottom range even with supplementation)
  • Take 500mg Phosphatidylserine (helps with cortisol levels - which mine are too high)
  • Take 2x Biotest Alpha Male
  • Take 2x Biotest Rhodiola
  • Drink half a serving of Mag-10

5:30 AM

  • Start sipping 1.3 scoops Plazma as I walk into the garage to start lifting and try to finish it by 6:30-6:35 AM

6:45 AM

  • Finish workout and walk back into the house

6:55 AM

  • Eat a piece of fruit, usually a medium-sized banana
  • Drink 1 scoop of Protein (~16g whey protein isolate & ~14g micellar casein) mixed with…
  • 2 scoops Collagen Hydrolysate
  • 2 scoops Biotest Micronized Creatine (10g)

7:45 AM

  • finish the other half of the Mag-10

8:30-9:30 AM (approximate)

  • eat breakfast

Noon - 1:30 (approximate, depends on the day)

  • lunch

1-2 hours after lunch

  • 2x Alpha Male
  • 2x Rhodiola
  • 2x ZMA

4 PM-ish

  • Afternoon snack

6 PM-ish

  • Dinner
  • Multivitamin
  • Fish Oil
  • Biotest Curcumin

9:30 PM

  • Take 500mg Phosphatidylserine (helps with cortisol levels - which mine are too high)
  • Take Vitamin D3 (5000 IU)
  • Take Boron 2x 2mg each
  • Take 3x Rez-V
  • Take a melatonin (optional)
  • Drink 1 scoop of Protein (~16g whey protein isolate & ~14g micellar casein) mixed with…
  • 2 scoops Collagen Hydrolysate

That’s 18 different supplements with some of them being taken 2x per day. It’s kind of ridiculous.

My bloodwork shows that my Total T levels are less than optimal and my free T is low while my SHBG is far too high. Hence the Alpha Male, Rhodiola, Rez-V, Boron, ZMA, and Vitamin D.

So, again, I’m definitely willing to axe some of this stuff if it makes sense to do so. But, I’m also willing to continue as laid out here. Just looking for some advice…

Also, does anyone recommend the Finibar as an afternoon snack or should I just leave it for a pre-workout meal?


What is your actual current goal and priority? Fat loss, muscle building, increasing strength, etc. Supplements are great and can be effective, but you don’t need to use everything at the same time.

For example, a couple of things that stand out:

  • The half-serving of Mag-10 before training isn’t doing a ton compared to the Plazma, which is much more specifically for training.

  • You can drop the creatine serving to just 5g, not 10. It’s a much more standard dose and just as effective.

  • The whey/micellar protein at 6:55 and then the Mag-10 at 7:45 is redundant. One or the other delivers a better hit of protein the body needs. I’d go with just a full serving of Mag-10 (since we removed the half-serving before training).

  • The ZMA can be moved closer to bedtime instead of lunch since it can help with sleep.

The thing with removing some of the supps is that a lot of what you’re taking is what I’d consider “health supplements”, as opposed to more direct training boosters. B12, Phosphatidylserine, Alpha Male, Rhodiola, collagen, ZMA, the multivitamin, fish oil, Curcumin, D3, Boron, and melatonin.

So like, you can absolutely drop some of those depending on how much you believe/feel they’re doing what you need them to do. Try focusing on bang for the buck instead of trying to treat everything specifically. For example, have you noticed a difference using the Phosphatidylserine, either by how you feel or by checking cortisol levels? Do your joints feel better with the collagen compared to without it? Can you do a B12 shot instead of daily supplementation? That type of approach.

Are you testing your bloodwork every few months to monitor changes? You can eliminate some of these and pare down to track what’s most effective for you. I’d probably keep, in order of priority: Alpha Male, Vitamin D, Rez-V, ZMA, Rhodiola, Boron

The melatonin, like you said, is take it or leave it. Some people notice a benefit, others don’t. Like I said, if you move the ZMA towards bedtime, that can help with sleep and would make the melatonin more unnecessary.

Since you’re training at the asscrack of dawn, it’s perfect for pre-workout since it’s designed to digest very easily.

Thanks for the reply @Chris_Colucci!
My first priority is actually to make my body more durable so that I can be the most involved husband and parent to my wife and 2 kids (3 and 6 years old). That said, I feel like that’s the role of the programming so from a supplement perspective, my priority is muscle building so I look good naked. I honestly only care about strength as it’s tied to muscle building. Therefore, my secondary goal would be fat loss but I’m okay with not losing fat right now and can make that a focus in the future if necessary.
I’ve implemented some of your recommendations already, as well as a little tweaking of my own.
I’ve ditched the protein supplement because it disagrees with my digestive tract (it’s not cheap protein, either). For some reason, the protein in Plazma and Mag-10 does not upset it. I also dropped the creatine to 5g. ZMA is at night now, too.
Melatonin definitely helps me but my plan all along was to get to a point where I was sleeping normally and then eliminate it. I’m to that point now (more or less), thankfully. As for the other stuff, I tend to buy several months worth at a time, so I’m going to finish everything I have and probably pare down a bit based on your recommendations.

I do have a follow-up question/scenario for you if you don’t mind.

In the morning, I’m pretty ravenous. The Finibar plus half-serving of Plazma will stave off my hunger until I start lifting. Then, the full-dose of Plazma plus lifting keeps my mind/stomach occupied enough until I’m finished. But when I’m finished, I’m immediately hungry. I’ve been trying to suppress my hunger by drinking water until it’s time for Mag-10 an hour later and then wait another hour(ish) to eat, but it doesn’t work very well and has me watching the clock until I can eat breakfast (literally).

Should I:

  • Eat right away? If so, how would you recommend I incorporate Mag-10? Still wait an hour? Drink it and then eat immediately? Or, something else?
  • Drink Mag-10 right away then wait 30 minutes to an hour and eat breakfast?
  • Or, do I just need to suck it up and be hungry and continue on my current schedule?

Thanks, man!

Any advice for this, Chris?

You can actually have Mag-10 with meals because casein hydrolysate absorbs so quickly, so it’ll basically spike the meal with quality fast-acting protein. not quite as efficient as having it by itself, but being so starving after training isn’t a good thing.

So, all things considered, option 1/eating ASAP should be fine. Keeping that post-workout meal lower fat with also help to optimize the insulin and aminos.

Sounds like you’re dialing in the rest of the supps pretty well. You can always adjust and fine-tune as you go, like you did with the protein based on your digestion. On that regard, it may have been a lactose issue, as both Plazma and Mag-10 are extremely low in lactose and seem tolerable by folks with lactose intolerances.

Thanks, Chris! I really appreciate your insight!

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