Feedback from higher level lifters


I was wondering if there are any higher level lifters out there who have used Micro PA and found it to be useful. I’m an elite-level powerlifter, and I want to take my lifts to an even higher level. I read through a few threads on here, and outside of the big name contributors who have direct connections to Biotest, I did not really find feedback from lifters who are putting up big numbers and have benefited from this product. I’ve been considering using this product since it came out, but the price tag is too high for me to buy it without knowing it’s worked for others. So… who wants to convince me to use this? :smile:


Not sure if they’d count as big/elite lifters, and you might’ve seen these threads already, but… there are a few guys in this thread who talked about their results (started by gorillavanilla, who has a log in Over-35. Maybe you can ask him if he did end up giving it a go).

BuffdSamurai talked about his results here (more reps with a given weight). Not sure if he’s elite, but he’s been around the block a while.

And some reports of strength gains in the Official Micro-PA Results thread
One dude there, JohnnyLee, talked about being on his second bottle and getting 3-4 extra reps with 115-pound incline dumbbell pressing.

[quote=“flipcollar, post:1, topic:5934”]
So… who wants to convince me to use this?[/quote]
Hey, um, Flip, you should use it. Please and thank you. :neutral_face: