February V-Dieters

Hi guys (and gals)

For those of us that started on or around Feb 1st, here’s the new thread for us to chat, ask progress questions, post progress, and provide general support :slight_smile:

Okay, so here are my starting measurements:

Taken Jan 31st prior to exercise

Height: 5 9 ½
Weight: 148
BF% (Jackson/Pollock 7 Caliper Method): 21.13%
LBM - 116.73 lbs
Fat - 31.27 lbs

BF Pinches (in MM)
Chest - 5
Abdominal - 22
Thigh - 28
Tricep - 15
Subscapular - 12
Superiliac - 9.5
Midaxillary - 12

Measurements (in Inches)
Chest - 37.5
Waist - 26.5
Belly Button - 29.75
Hips - 40 (YOWZA!!!)
Thigh (1/2 way between hip and knee) - 22
Thigh (largest point) - 23
Calf - 15
Bicep (relaxed) - 10 1/8
Bicep (flexed) - 11 5/8
Shoulders - 38 ½
Forearms - 9 3/8
Neck - 12 ½

Christie’s Goals:

Not so much concerned about weight, but more with changing my body composition and re-programing my cravings!

Goal 1: 15% BF by day 28 (drop 6%)
Goal 2: 37" Hips (lose 3")
Goal 3: 21" Thigh at largest point (lose 2")
Goal 4: 28" at belly button (lose 1.75")

Plan of Action:

Follow V-Diet exactly as written w/ no changes or modifications except for supplementation w/ Superfood and Se7en.

Non-Workout Days:
(1,232 cal / 44 fat / 48 carb/ 19 fiber / 185 Protein)

6:00am - NEPA Walk

7:00am (226 cal)
2 Scoops MD
2 HR Extreme
2 Flameout
1 Se7en

10:00am (210 cal)
1.5 Scoops MD
2 T Milled Flax
1 Serv Superfood

1:00pm (230 cal)
2 Scoops MD
1 T Milled Flax
2 HR Extreme

4:00 pm (206 cal)
1.5 Scoops MD
1 T Milled Flax
2 Flameout

7:00pm (360 cal)
1.5 Scoops MD
2 T Smuckers Organics Natural PB
1 Se7en

Workout Days (Advanced Waterbury):
(1,532 cal / 42 fat / 97 carb / 17 fiber / 210 protein)

5:00am (126 cal)
1 Scoop MD
2 HR Extreme
2 Flameout
1 Se7en

6a - 7a - Advanced Workout

7:00am (330 cal)
2 Scoops Surge PWO

10:00am (230 cal)
2 Scoop MD
1 T Milled Flax
1 Serv Superfood

1:00pm (230 cal)
2 Sccops MD
1 T Milled Flax
2 HR Extreme

4:00pm (256 cal)
2 Scoops MD
1 T Milled Flax
2 Flameout Caps

5:00pm - NEPA Walk

7:00pm (360 cal)
1.5 Scoops MD
2 T Smucker’s Organic Natural PB
1 Se7en

Looks great Christie!

On day 5 and holding strong! did my walk/jog for 45 min this morning.
tomorrow is wt day, going to start doing the workouts at 5am because
my work schedule changed which is fine, at least I get it out of the way for the

Will have my first HSM on tues 2/3, for lunch, already planning out what to eat!
I am going to weigh myself as well to see how much I have lost the first week.

Most of my symptoms are gone now, just my stomach growls a lot more!

This is like the movie Groundhog Day, we eat the same thing over and over!

Let’s do this!!

That’s great Toni :slight_smile:

Today is day 1 for me, and I’m 3 shakes into it. I’ve felt fine all day except for a few hot flashes (I’m assuming from the HOT-ROX).

I had to go to Wal-Mart this morning to pick up dog food and Natty PB, and I was dreading it b/c in the past I often stop by the donut case when I go there . . it’s a habit that I honestly didn’t even realize I had until I automatically thought “oh, donut” as soon as I thought Wal-Mart. Like word association . . . that will be one habit that I’m happy to break!

What are your plans for your first HSM? I think I’m going to have grilled Tilapia brushed w/ some CapTri oil, and some Steamed Broccoli w/ garlic and a little lemon sprinkled over top. Maybe a half a sweet potato too depending on my apetite by that point.

You may have already mentioned this, but I don’t remember off the top of my head - are you doing one of the Waterbury programs? If so, what do you think of it? I’m planning to do the advanced program, and am really looking forward to the change of pace.

I thought it was a little odd that all lifts were to be done at a fast tempo, but I read the article that Chris linked and the science really makes sense, so it will be interesting to see how my body reacts!

I am following my coaches routine, but it is close to what Waterbury has, I just had to combine some days to make it 3 instead of a 4-day weight week.

I have done the fast pace before with short rest periods, I think you will like it and it will probably shock your body cause it’s new so that’s good.

I own a coffee shop as well, so yes I see donuts/pastries/muffins and bagels every morning! Although I am used to it now, having it for 6 years- so I don’t eat the stuff… even though I leave smelling like a donut! lol! I do miss my skinny lattes so I just add the espresso into my shakes in the morning and switched to green tea with no skim milk.

I think I will go with chicken, asparagus, a nice salad with vinegar and olive oil and a little sweet potato. I love fish, so I might switch to sea bass or tuna!

Yee-haw… it’s time for my afternoon shake!

I am on my second shake. I get up around 12ish since I am on night shift.

Hot RX
2 Flame out
2 scoop MD

2 scoop MD
2 tbsp milled flax

1.5 scoop

2 scoop MD
2 tbsp milled flax
2 Hot Rx

1 scoop
2 flame out

1 scoop
1 serving natural PB

BCAAS inbetween shakes. Walk will be after this shake. I will try to get my walk in first thing in the morning.

We are due for a big storm this week so I may be rowing on my concept 2 rower for 40 mins instead of walking. I am dreading that already!

Oh yeh my goal is to loose 6 inches off my waist and end up around 14% body fat.

Have fun everyone.

Hey DF - welcome to the party!

Quick Q - it looks like you’re only taking in about 8 scoops of MD per day, and no PB?

I’m not sure what your stats are, but from your Avi, I assumed that you were male?

As a 148 lb female, I’m taking in 8.5 scoops MD + 4 TB flax + 4 Flameout + 2 T PB per day. . .

If your the post above isn’t missing a meal or something, you may want to re-calculate your daily macro’s - don’t want to damage your metabolism by going too low :wink:

Hello everyone, I too started the V-Diet today. Although I created a thread of my own, I’m hoping you don’t mind if I jump in here from time to time to converse with y’all, as we all seem to be like minded, and headed down the same path.

My post is missing the PB, forgot about that.

I am slightly above what was reccomended using the forumla to calculate calorie intake. I am starting off already light (173) but higher body fat level.

Hey DF - how’d your first night shift go on the V-Diet?

Ramico - stop by anytime! I’ll be swinging by your blog as well for hints and tips :slight_smile:

Okay, so yesterday was Day 1 and honestly it wasn’t bad at all for me. I like the shakes, but am convinced that the quality of your blender makes ALL the difference in the world. I have a little Magic Bullet blender and used it for my first shake of the day b/c it’s a little quieter than my big one. The shake was okay, but the consistancy could have been better.

My other blender is an Oster Fusion (Christmas present from my hubby this past year . . . my favorite present EVER!!) Anyway, this thing is friggin amazing. It has a one-button setting for milkshakes. I just push this button, and it starts pulsing backwards and forwards and then blends to perfection. The shakes I made with it throughout the remainder of the day were creamy and frothy and just plain YUMMY!

My favorite so far was the banana/vanilla mix - kinda tasted like a Nilla Wafer :slight_smile:

I didn’t have any problems w/ cravings or hunger yesterday except for a little on my NEPA walk - everyone in my neighborhood was outside grilling for their SuperBowl parties, and the smell of grilled meat caused some cravings, but they really weren’t horrible.

I actually found that I was very full (and a little bloated) after my final shake. I’m not sure if it was the peanut butter that caused the uncomfortable bloaty feeling or not, but I hope that it doesn’t continue each night.

So far no headaches, hunger, cravings, loss of energy.

The only side effect was a few minor “head rushes” when standing up quickly, and a few hot flashes after my first dose of HOT-ROX. I had no problem falling asleep last night though.

Okay, I’ve got to get to work - but I’m looking forward to checking in later to see how everyone else’s first day went!

happy groundhog day!

day 6 and chugging along. down 3 lbs. so far which is great, it is nice to
see the scale move after being at a plateau for so long.

going to do weights today then my cardio after.

I add sugar free torani syrups to my shakes, I have coconut and mixed with the banana to make a pina-colada which is good. This morning I added the sugar free brown sugar with my espresso and chocolate protein! YUM.

good luck this week everyone! stay focused.

So far so good. It is nice not having to take an hour to make my meals for the day hah.

The only thing is the first day I was pretty tired and hungary. I guess that is to be expected at first.

heres my work out day diet plan.

  1. 2 scoops choc + 4 flame out
  2. 1 serving Surge
  3. 2 scoops Vanilla + 2 tbsp flax
  4. 2 scoops Choc + 2 flame out
  5. 2 scoops (mix) + 2 tbsp flax
  6. 1 scoop vanilla + 1 tbsp PB

calories- 1578
protein- 215.7
fats- 40
carbs- 91

Okay, here are my humiliating “before” pics - taken yesterday mid-day.

I’m not neccesarily overweight, but my body comp has gone to hell over the last 6 months. I’ve lost a lot of size in my upper body, but think I’ve put on some muscle in my legs/butt so it will be interesting to see how things look once this month is over with.

One thing about me - and you will see this in the numbers as well if you look at my “pinches” a few posts above - I carry almost ALL of my BF in my legs. If you look at my upper body you may say “why the hell is she doing this diet”, but if you look at the lower body (put your hand over the upper body), you will see that I definitely have some shredding to do.

I’ll definitely have to do a clean bulking cycle after this month in order to bring my upper body back to it’s prior glory :slight_smile:

If anyone has a suggestion of a good lifting program (from this site) for specifically upper body stregnth/size, I’d very much appreciate any and all recomendations. I’ll start researching them now so that I’ll be ready to go right into it when I’m done w/ the Waterbury transition.

start doing your wide grip/and close grip pull-ups!, and push ups!

that has made my back hard as a rock (along with the lifting) try figure athlete as well, there is probably a good upper body workout on there.

your brave, I won’t put any pics up yet until the end!!

[quote]skyefit wrote:

your brave, I won’t put any pics up yet until the end!! [/quote]

LOL - I thought about waiting until the end, but in my mind this is kind of my punishment for letting myself get this far gone again. It sucks, and yes I’m embarassed, but I did it to myself, and the sad thing was that I had all of the knowledge to prevent it! So I knew exactly what I was doing, but did it anway :frowning:

And this gives me all the more incentive to finish this thing out to the end w/o a single cheat - b/c if I don’t than I can’t post my “after” pics, and I can’t take these back!

I started on the 29th of January, can I still play here?! I’ll post my less than superb initial stats and weigh in tomorrow with measurements as well.

225 lbs
BF% around 28 (male)
Have no idea what my measurements are yet, but I wear a size 36 pant, so I’ll get some actual number up soon.

I’m looking to get down to 185 ultimiately, and hopefully near 200 with 28 days on the v-diet. I’ve done the diet before but fell out after 2.5 weeks, dropped 15 pounds, but it’s slowly regained as my habits obviously didn’t change much. But I’m back and more determined than before. It’s hard, but I’m going for it. Good luck to everyone here


Christie Day 2

I got all of my shakes and sups in today right on time :slight_smile:

Went for a NEPA walk with the dogs this evening. Walked 3.5 miles in 55 minutes, and it felt SO good. The dogs are going to sleep GREAT tonight!

No hunger again today, and really didn’t have any cravings either. I’m still feeling a little bit bloaty, but I guess that’s preferable to starving.

I am feeling a little drained/tired/low energy but I knew to expect this as I am extremely carb sensitive, and hadn’t been “behaving” myself w/ the carbs prior to starting the V-Diet.

I had a little trouble concentrating at work - I was just a little “fuzzy” - but it wasn’t anything unbearable.

My first workout is tomorrow morning at 6am, and I can’t wait :slight_smile: I’ll be working out Tu, Thur, and Saturdays.

[quote]inkaddict wrote:
I started on the 29th of January, can I still play here?!

Welcome Jason - of course you can play! The more the merrier :slight_smile:

Good luck to you as well - how have your first few days gone?

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