Favourite Peri Supp Protocol

The title is rather self-explanatory. What peri-workout set up in your experience and somewhat subjective opinion has given you the best results (energy, recovery, body recomp etc.)? It would be also helpful to know what you eat around your workouts to get a full picture.

I will start myself:

Pre workout meal -3h (‘balanced’ meal- 40 PRO, 40 CHO, 15-20 FAT)

  • 1h 15 min- 2 grams of tyrosine
  • 1 h finibar
  • 45 min another finibar
  • 15 1 serving of plazma
    intra- sipping on one serving of plazma

Post workout meal +45min - (‘balanced’ meal- 40 PRO, 40 CHO, 15-20 FAT)

results: greatly increased energy and ability to recover. I haven’t done a bodybuilding type of training in a good while but I would get what most people in bb circles refer to as a ‘pump’ even with low rep deadlifting!

What has worked for you?

For me it looks like this
-90 mins 1 Finibar
-60 mins Micro PA
-15 1 Plazma
during workout 1 plazma
+30 1 MAG-10

Have the greatest gains in both size and strength when on that protocol. Nothing beats it.

When do you have solid food in rekation to this protocol?

My nutrition around the workout doesn’t change much, depending on my physique goals I will adjust my macros on non training days, and at breakfast.

For the past 3 months I’ve been doing “A Tried and True Bodybuilding Template” by Clay Hyght, it’s my first time doing a bodybuilding focused program and I’ve been seeing great results with this protocol.
-1:30-1:45 before training - lunch at work - 40-50g protein (organic chicken or grass fed beef), lots of veggies, a little no-added sugar pasta sauce, 30g carb from Ezekiel bread and 1 tbsp organic peanut or almond butter

-1:00 before training - Micro PA

-30 min before training - Indigo-3G

-Plazma (2 servings, I use more water than the recommended amount, it allows me to sip steadily throughout the workout)
-On the way to the gym - start sipping Plazma, about 1/4 done by the time I arrive
-Drink another 1/4 while changing and during first warm up sets
-Drink 2nd serving throughout workout

-within 15 minutes post workout - MAG-10 + Finibar

-within 45-60 minutes of MAG-10 - post workout meal - 40-50g protein (organic chicken, organic grass fed beef or organic pork cooked in coconut oil), lots of veggies, 40g carb from rice, organic oat bran or potato

Results - Consistent slow and steady strength increase, steady muscle gains. A few weeks ago I started doing one day on, one day off, with the exception of the weekend, I train Sunday and again on Monday. The alternating days help with recovery, and I feel I have a lot more energy each time I train. I also recently started taking curcumin to help with soreness and it DEFINITELY helps, along with getting between 8-8.5 hours sleep each night.

We all know proper workout nutrition is essential for the best potential gains, and proper nutrition throughout the day and lots of sleep are just as important!

Wow, that’s one hell of a protocol. I personally like to include BC first thing in the morning as well

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