Favorite Shake Recipies

Well I’m 1 week down and at first all the shakes tasted great, now after a week of straight shakes they are turning into more of a chore than the tasty treat they started at. What are some of your favorite ways to spice up these shakes? I’m not entirely sure what is allowable as additives either.

I think my favorite so far is my shake that I put my peanut butter in, mixing that with banana is pretty tasty, but I fear a few more days of that and I won’t find that quite as tasty as I used to.


This is where you need to consider food as a means to fuel your body and get past the old habits of eating for taste and enjoyment. Suck it up and down those healthy shakes dude! Just keep thinking of that six pack you’ll be sporting soon enough…

Phatkins187 has a point, but there are some guidelines for flavoring in Cool Tips, section 8 of the V-Diet:

I was really enjoying the shakes before I started putting L-leucine in them… Now I think theyre disgusting, honestly. Except the one with peanut butter…

I’ve been cheatin the V-diet a tad and adding some sugar free, fat-free jell-o pudding mix into some, and 1/2 tablespoon splenda in others… it helps the taste at least and the jell-o mix adds about 10 cals a shake… I’ve ordered some Da-Vinci syrups though so i wont be cheating the diet at all soon.

Is the jell-o mix okay for a few days? Some of my shakes have to be pre-blended for work (waitress… impossible to blend/mix while at work, they have to be done before i get there and bottled) and theyre absolutely disgusting without splenda (Id rather not use splenda, it doesnt always agree with my stomach) or jello if Ive got L-leucine AND superfood in them.

Request to Biotest: Design a tastier L-leucine and SuperFood!!

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