Fatty To Fitty... So Yes, My Log


Ok Guys, This is gonna be my log and i am doing the V diet for the third time, Last 2 times had successful results. This will be my last time i do the diet as i have a good knowledge of nutrition and training so. After this diet my plan is to get even more leaner for summer then to do a healthy bulk in winter

Weight : 76.2 kg
Fat 22.7 %

Carrying most of my weight in the mid section.

Day 1 Was good, But still waiting for my HOT-ROX to arrive by post, but using an alternative at the moment.

Day 2: getting headaches and feeling tired


Gonna Do some nepa later, today. Feeling tired and exhausted.

I dont know if i will be able to stick at this long as i thought


Just had my last shake, I just realised on the last 2 V-Diets i did, I under ate on the Natural Peanut butter.

Its official Stick at it during the day for the peanut butter treat (210 calories) at night