Hey Chris,
Thanks again for everything. I am on day 9 and experienced a fairly substantial feeling of fatigue today. Almost didn’t make it to the gym. Ended up battling my way through but did not see any gain in my strength. A bit more on the rep side but nothing in strength. Is the fatigue normal? What is a plausible goal regarding weight increase each week?

Totally different subject. My in laws can already see a change and are now interested in the diet. Unfortunately they will not abide by the workout routine and I don’t know if this would be beneficial for them. They are 63 female 5.3 195lbs and 65 male 5.9 205lbs. What advice do you have?

Much appreciated


  1. This is a diet and workout plan designed for max fat loss in he shortest period of time, not a strength-building plan. (And even if it was, you wouldn’t see strength gains from workout to workout, not in a week.) What are you expecting?

  2. It’s not a plan for them.


Based on the description “the goal is to challenge yourself and use heavier weights from week to week.” I thought that maybe I was not doing something properly.


Challenge yourself, yes, but if you chose the right loads to begin with you probably won’t need to jump up weights, especially after just a week.

Most people don’t choose the right loads, so the author of the workout plan probably put that in there to insure people have it all they had.

All that said, most people do see strength increases by the end of the program; it’s just not a strength-specific program, but rather a fat loss specific program. Pull-ups, push-ups, and dips will easily improve as body fat drops and muscle is built.


Thanks Chris. I did see some decent gains today. Reps were easier so I duped the weight and made it through. Over halfway there and feeling great.