Fatass Plateau Busting V-Diet

Brief History:

I am in my late 20s. I was a fatass for most if not all of my life. There was a brief period in my teens / early 20s where I essentially STARVED myself down to 188 lbs. I was supremely skinny fat, but it felt nice to fit into clothes for once in my life. I have been yo-yo dieting since then. I weighed over 300 lbs at the beginning of this year with a totally DISGUSTING unhealthy amount of body fat. I can’t even begin to estimate - but terrible. My waist measurement was at about 55" with love handles, moobs, and a backfat hump. Sexy.

I started improving my diet and doing the ‘little things’ - such as walking, being more active, and eating breakfast (amazing right?) I dropped some weight. Around March of this year I began weight lifting for the first time in my life. I have been very dedicated since then. Lifting and eating well - reading T-Nation, buying books, and just making the necessary lifestyle changes.

Fast forward to August of this year. I weigh about 260 - 265. My clothes are fitting, I feel A LOT better, and I lost some appreciable inches to my fatass (all over). I am stuck at this weight for about 3 weeks, eating around 2000 - 2100 kcals and maybe a bit more via Surge on workout days.

I decide 3 weeks of progress is too much for my tiny human brain that needs immediate satisfaction, so I do some research on the V-Diet, I feel like I’m tough enough to get through it, so here I am.


I am not going to post a pic of my disgusting body or moobs because you shouldn’t have to see that unless you are pulling a doctor’s salary - but I’ll post my data.

Week0 Week1
WEIGHT: 264 257
STOMACH: 49 48
HIPS: 48 47.5
THIGH: 27 26.5
ANKLE: 10 10
CALF: 17 17
CHEST: 43 42
ARM: 15.5 15
NECK: 16 15

Nice work, Randomguy! Good for you…

Random Impressions.

I am NOT hungry. I cringe at the thought of having to drink 5 shakes a day. I don’t really like any of the flavors except for chocolate and I’m pretty sick of chocolate. I make the shakes super thick with very little water so I can ‘drink’ as little as possible. The hardest part is getting the calories down for me.

The PB + Chocolate shake at night is pretty good, but the rest of the day is not appealing.

The fiber tabs taste like candy.

I have my first HSM today. At first I didn’t think I’d need to have any HSM but the idea of any food sounds pretty good to me at this point.

Question to other V-Dieters - do you find that you gain some of the weight back when you go back to solid foods / transitional period?

Hey Randomguy555,

Welcome to the toughest diets or kirsten likes to put it hell. Not sure what to tell you about shakes, but I like the chocolate with added mint extract to give it a different flavor. I also found I like my shakes much thinner to get through. I did this program over a year ago and failed. I will begin again on Sept 1st, which is not that far away. I have been transitioning to the diet by replacing my protein meals with the shakes plus nuts. Today it will be all shakes at my inbetween meals.

I think one of the best thing you could do is read alot of posts and get some tips. I did the shake thing last time with thicker frothier shakes, this time I am mixing up with 16 oz of cold water and putting in fridge for an hour or more. They sure go down alot better for me.

Remember and keep telling yourself this is only for 28 days.

It definately happens that a bit of water weight does come back on during transition, but if you’re carefull, that will come back off quickly. If you go hog wild, then expect alot of weight to return. Just what the body does.

Well I haven’t totally started yet, but will need your support thru the next weeks when I do, so hang in there and become one of the elite few that make it.

Stay strong!!


Week0 Week1 Week 2
WEIGHT: 264 257 258
STOMACH: 49 48 47.5
HIPS: 48 47.5 47
THIGH: 27 26.5 26
ANKLE: 10 10 10
CALF: 17 17 17
CHEST: 43 42 42
ARM: 15.5 15 15
NECK: 16 15 15

I gained weight? Any ideas why my week may have been so shitty?

Hey Randomguy…I wouldn’t worry too much about the weight gain–your measurements went down in some pretty big areas. One question tho: did you REALLY lose 7 inches in your calf?

LOL good catch Kristen. That was obviously supposed to be my ankle measurement : )


You’d have been built pretty funny if that was the case. Like an orange on toothpicks.

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