Fat Shredding / Lean Mass Building Stack

Daniel asks:

I have always visited the T Nation site and have come across your products but never gave them a try. I am looking into try some of your products and need some guidance. I am a 36yr old male, 5-9, Upper 180’s @ 18.8% bf. I am looking to drop my BF down to below 15% (13% would be awesome) without losing my lean gains I currently have added on. I don’t care what I weigh, just want to look jacked and get those abs I had back. I lift using the 5/3/1 protocol 4-5 days a week. What would be a stack to recommend to someone just starting your line?


Daniel, we suggest taking care of workout nutrition first and foremost. The period of time just before and during training is crucial if your goal is lean body mass. Plazma is the top choice.

To accompany this, use Indigo-3G. This will allow you to eat for muscle gains, prevent fat storage, and it’ll take care of all those underlying issues (poor nutrient partitioning, dysfunctional fat cells etc.) that make fat loss tough.

There are other things you could add to this, but this foundation may be everything you need for now. Keep us posted, and if you have any questions about how to use those supplements, just reply here.

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Like Chris S. said, workout nutrition is pretty much always the top priority. It’ll maximize performance during the session and recovery afterwards.

From there, things like Indigo can definitely help with cleaning up the nutrition. Tons of people use in during fat loss plans. Another option to consider is something like “Wendler’s 5/3/1 stack” with Plazma, Mag-10 protein, and Brain Candy (an energy booster).

You can read why Wendler recommends those particular products in that link.

You might want to toss your training plan up in Wendler’s forum to double-check and make sure it’s efficient.

I’m not sure how you’ve set it up for a 5-day plan, so make sure the training (and obviously the nutrition) is dialed in as best as possible.

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