Fat Pants to Bikini!

Hi there,

A little background- I’ve been training seriously for 3 years, including eating 6x a day, shitloads of protein and all that jazz. I leaned out to 134lbs @ 14%bf 2 yrs ago in about 8 weeks, beginning with the v-diet then transitioning. I did a figure competition last spring,weighing 125lbs @ 10% BF. That took 11 weeks, a trainer, and a lot of chicken, tuna, eggwhites and almonds. My off season/bulk/winter/non-dieting weight has remained between 138-145lbs during this time.

Except for this winter. I had surgery in December and took 6wks off of the gym to heal. Did lots of walking and light cardio, but went way off-track with my diet and did some damage. Getting back to the gym has been a struggle. I have battled 2 cold/flu’s this year, and in general been a little depressed because of my weight gain, thus not even wanting to be seen in the gym.

Anyway, pity party is over, spring will be here before I know it, and it’s time to get out of my fat pants and back to bikini ready.

FEB. 25, Velocity Diet DAY 1

Starting stats:

Height: 5’5"
Weight: 150.2 lbs
neck: 13"
shoulder: 41.5"
chest: 37.5"
under bust: 32"
waist: 29"
abdomen: 34" (measured between bellybutton and hip)
hip: 39.5"
thigh: 23.25"
calf: 14.5"
ankle: 8.5"
bicep: 12.75"

I took pictures, and will upload them shortly. I started this morning with 40 mins on the treadmill downstairs @ 5% incline, alternating 5 mins forward @3.7mph and 5mins backward @ 2.7mph. I tend to get tons of NEPA daily, because I walk to work, the gym, for errands and stand all day while working.

I’ll be following the intermediate training program, starting with DAY 1 today. Going to get my bf% measured this afternoon at the gym too, might as well track as many variables as possible.

I am so ready to get lean again. I feel gross and pudgy at this weight. I look forward to my progress and any comments are welcomed!




Hey Girl! Back at it I see? Can I ask what happend since you lost the weight for your trip? Was it the recovery & everything? You don’t look bad now, but I know how it is when you have been leaner! You will get there!

Good luck, Miss Fit!

You’ve done this before, so you know what you’re in for, and since your body has been in figure competition form in the not too distant past, I think amazing results are in your very near future.

Kill it!

Hey Danielle- What happened you ask… Top Excuses for my current Fat Pants situation:

  1. 3 weeks is too long for anyone to spend in an all-inclusive resort. Especially with the kind of food & beverages we had available. Plus the fact I wasn’t able to be very active at all post-op. I was up to 146 lbs by the time we got home.
  2. Post-holiday cold/flu, plus depression caused by PMDD (my PMS is considered pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder) caused a few nasty dietary lapses & some missed training.
  3. My MD put me on YAZ birth-control pill for PMDD, which caused another couple lbs of water-weight gain.
  4. I am not in heels or flexing at all in these pic’s, making me appear extra-fat.

Those are off the top of my head, let me know if you require further detail :stuck_out_tongue:

skinny-D, Thank-you! I am really looking forward to becoming leaner again. I think I’ll be feeling much better about my body-composition by the end of this 28 days, and well on my way to 15%bf, which is a number I’d like to achieve and maintain for awhile.

Alright, I did my first training session and got my body-fat reading done. The tanita scale read 21.4% According to my numbers, I’ll have to lose 11.4lbs of body-fat to get to 15%. I assume this is while retaining all lean mass, which we all know is probably not realistic. I’m guessing a total of around 15lbs lost, putting me at 135lbs will be my personal ideal weight. We shall see.


20min walk each way. I had to sub each exercise for various reasons. I’m going to have to ask Chris what he recommends swapping for chest. First listed is what I was supposed to lift, second is what I actually lifted.

A) bent-over BB row/seated cable rows. (There was a D-bag taking up the squat rack)

140lbs 5,5,5,5 reps. Good weight. Hard but managed all reps.

B) overhead squat/ BB back squat (I really don’t want to try overhead weights with squats)

135lbs 5,5,4,3 reps. Weak. I haven’t squatted much lately. I hope I can increase to 145lbs and finish reps.

C) Dips/ seated shoulder press (I cant do dips, too much pressure on my chest)

35lb DB’s 5,5,5,4 reps. Felt good, should be able to finish reps next week.

D) Ab-wheel roll-outs/ hanging leg raises ( cant do ab-wheel, too much pressure on chest)

body-weight 15,15,10,10 reps.

Overall, not a bad work-out. Felt funny to be finished so quickly. I’m used to much more exercises per body-part and higher reps. And finishing up with cardio.

So far day 1 has been decent. I am tired but that’s likely due to not sleeping well as much as the diet. My boyfriend and I live 1 block from the Molson Canadian Hockey House, and a block in the other direction from the Olympic hockey venue. And 2 blocks from an outdoor stage where there have been concerts every night that go on till 2 am typically. 4 more days of this madness before the world goes back home.

I had a mild headache earlier and felt slightly nauseous PWO, but after drinking surge was good to go. I enjoy the milkshakes. This Metabolic Drive PP is so superior to any other for that shake consistency. Looking forward to my 2tbsps of PB later tonight, the highlight of every night on this diet :slight_smile:

missfit - welcome back for another round of this bad boy. I wish you the best of luck…You look great already but cant wait to see how this time goes for you. Im rooting for ya.

johnson- thanks for the welcome!

I was thinking more about “what happened” for me to gain this weight. I think a large part of it was just not having a clear consistent plan, and not having a specific goal. I lost my drive in the gym. I questioned whether this lifestyle is the right one for me. I wondered if I’d be happier just going back to normal, haha. It’s funny how your mind tricks you.

I was looking back at a time in my life with envy, when I used to go out and order whatever looked delicious, and enjoy wine several times a week. And not have to plan and prepare every single meal. But it is too late to go back. Those times weren’t so great. I prefer being crazy/structured with my diet/training plan. I prefer feeling in control of my body and pushing myself to new heights. No, sir. Average is not for me.

DAY 2, Friday, Feb 26th.

147.8, LOL. Down 2.4lbs in a day. And this is why I love this diet. I am not stupid. I know it is because I was eating carbs regularly and my body is shedding water weight, but DAMN! I feel good :slight_smile:

I did my NEPA on the treadmill again this morning. And meeting a girlfriend later for coffee & a walk. I’m a little terrified of getting through the day without Surge (less calories), but I’ll just have to savour each shake.

Hey Miss Fit!! You look so balanced;) You really look fantastic:) Any plans on competing?

elizkent- Hey! You found me, awesome :slight_smile: And thanks for the compliment. I really haven’t made any decision on shows this season. I’d love to do another, but I also have reservations. For now my focus is just this next 4 weeks on the v-diet leading me to my PHAT camp weekend (Jen Hendershott, March 26-28) Then who knows? Maybe I’ll be motivated to go all the way again!

Yesterday I had some empty stomach feelings around 5pm and could’ve used a solid meal, but had my shake and I was fine. We had friends over for a board-games night and they brought fast-food but it wasn’t horrible. I wasn’t really bothered by it.

145.6 lbs on the scale this morning. For a total of 4.6 lbs lost in 2 days. Wow, crazy, and I may not have to put spanx on under my pants today. I am not kidding, I’ve resorted to support garments rather than having to buy a larger size fatpants.
Today I’m working, so we’ll see how I like shaken shakes (not much, if I remember correctly). I am bringing my workout gear with me, and surge, on the off chance that I have energy for workout #2 after work.

Canada beat Slovakia last-night so it looks like we’re playing the US for gold tomorrow. This city is gonna be 2x the nuthouse it’s been the last 15 days. Ah well, should be the best match-up of all time.

I ended up working later than expected and my gym closes at 6pm on weekends so I missed my chance. I went for a 1.5 hr walk instead. That was as well as my 30min treadmill walk this morning. I feel pretty comatose tonight. And not in the best of spirits. Just exhausted.

Tomorrow I think we are going to watch the gold medal hockey game at a bar. Hopefully they have a decent menu and I can eat my HSM there. I had planned on having it on Sundays anyway.

Miss fit - I hate those gym that close early on the weekend…I quit my last one for that very reason. The one Im at now closes at 10pm on weekends.

So much nicer.

Keep your spirits up!

Johnson- Yeah, the early weekend closing can be a pain. Or a great excuse :wink:

Planning on doing my v-burn challenge after my HSM today. I don’t want to lift weights on HSM day, because if I add surge it’s too many cals/carbs today for my liking. So, my training is out of order this week. I’ll have to look at whether to continue it this way or change days around.

Down another 1.2 lbs this morning, to 144.4 lbs, for a grand total of 5.8 lbs in 3 days . I am thrilled. I wont weigh again until Thursdays measurements/weight/pic’s/BF%.

Hmm. So yesterday didn’t go exactly as planned… I did manage to have my fairly healthy solid meal. 4oz sirloin steak salad. It had about 20g.s of goat cheese, lettuce greens and a tomato vinagrette. I had a side of steamed asparagus & broccoli, and my carb was a serving of banana bread that it came with. Not the best choice, but man- it was good!

I didn’t do my v-burn. By the time the nail-biter hockey game was over and we made it home I was too tired. So my significant other and I walked to Yaletown for a tan, about 20 mins each way and I got my NEPA in. The city was INSANE, with crowds everywhere and people playing hockey in the streets and everyone feeling the excitement of our gold medal win.

I did weigh myself this morning, just cause I’m a freak like that, and I was 144.4, same weight as yesterday morn, so I’m pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t any rebound from my HSM.

I did my 40mins incline walking on the treadmill, and I’ll be back later with details from todays training session.

It was a great game!! I was very annoyed at the US team for acting like someone shot their dog when they were getting SILVER medals! It’s not like they lost and got nothing? And it’s not like it was a blow out. It was an amazing great game - one of the goalies was going to miss a shot - Miller had a 50/50 chance of it being him.

I didn’t think about the HSM on the same day as a workout and the Surge - good thinking. Mine is all of by one day bc I started on a Thursday and started my workouts on Friday…didn’t think that all the way through - mine will be an extra day at the end! So it will be 29 days unless I decide to go back to back with workouts at some point.

Haha. I didnt see the awards ceremony. Sorry but that gives me pleasure. You are right though, the game could have easily gone either way.

I survived workout B, just barely.

Lat pull-downs, wide-grip, 105lbs 8,8,8,8,8 reps.

BB Bradford shoulder press (substituted instead of chest) 55lbs, 8,8,8,8 reps, then down to 45lbs for 8 reps

Romanian deadlifts 135lbs 8,8,8,8,8 reps. Barely.

BB biceps curls 45lbs 8,8,8,8,8 reps

hanging knee raises 20,15,10 reps.

I feel like a zombie. Exhausted. I don’t think the rest of my day will be very productive. It’s a price I am willing to pay though, and well worth the results I am attaining :slight_smile:


It doesn’t look like I’m going to get my v-burn challenge in this week. What a shame, lol. I am pretty hurting all over from yesterday’s workout, and the thought of jump lunges is torturous. I did a walk earlier and might get some more NEPA in later too. If not- oh well.

I find the taste in my mouth horrendous. Even after brushing & flossing. I am choking back each shake disgustedly. I don’t know if Biotest changed the flavors or if my palette has changed in the 2 years since I’ve really had these shakes. I don’t remember them being this vile though, that’s for darn sure. Maybe I’m not drinking enough water in between. The nice thing is I just don’t seem to have any appetite lately. Which is quite a change for the better IMO.

I gotta go make a shake. I’m 75 min behind now on my shake schedule. And not at all interested in downing one. GAH!!!

Weak sauce! Don’t slip up already =D Just warm up a bit, stretch, and then do the vburn. It’ll only take you around 30 minutes and you’ll feel great.

If you do miss it just do it tomorrow and skip any nepa.

[quote]qirard wrote:
Weak sauce! Don’t slip up already =D Just warm up a bit, stretch, and then do the vburn. It’ll only take you around 30 minutes and you’ll feel great.

If you do miss it just do it tomorrow and skip any nepa. [/quote]


Your comment really made me want to do the v-burn. I am not weak sauce! Well, maybe a little. I knew I had to do workout 3 today, and figured the heavy training is more important than the plyo’s, and really had sore muscles and that’s my excuse!

DAY 7, Wednesday.


Front squats,65lbs. I could’ve used more weight but it’s a tricky balance thing for me.5x5reps

chin-ups, 80lbs assist, 5x5 reps. I should be doing unassisted, but these pull on my chest and it’ll take time before I am able to do full weight again.

Shoulder standing alternating front raises, 27.5lbs, 5x5 reps

Shoulder standing alternating lateral raises, 27.5lbs, 5x5 reps

I walked 20mins to the gym and back, and will be working all day, possibly try to do some more NEPA later.

I’m feeling a little more energetic today, so far- Still not enjoying the shakes, but I’m excited for measuring and weighing tomorrow…

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