Fat Loss Too Fast?

Hi Chris,

I have just finished week 2 of the diet and things are going well, almost too well. I have lost so much fat that if things carry on as they have then I will have surpassed my original targets in another week.

While I am not looking for an easy way out and will be happy to do the diet for the full duration, is it acceptable for people to start the transition early if they have already beome very lean on the diet?

I did not have a massive amount of fat to lose in the first place. I have already lost 11 pounds (alot of water included probably) and just under 2 inches on my waist putting me at just over a 30 inch waist. Is it ok to play it by ear and see where I am on day 21 in terms of fat loss?

If you’ve reached your fat loss goals, then there’s no reason to continue. One thing to keep in mind though: the taste/craving changes take about 21 days to kick in. So, yes, there’s some advantage to going to 21 days. After that you can begin the Transition if you’ve lost all the fat you want to lose.

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