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I lift 5 times a week . Lately I have put on 22kgs of extra body wright which makes me 123kilos and 30% body Fat . Had been through a terrible break up few months back ,and I got hooked to alcohol and smoking . And my eating habits have really been out of control. And I started performing really poor in my gym.Since sept I have been working out every day at the gym . which includes 45 min of weights and 20 min of cardio, and I have been watching my food too . I have managed to bring alcohol and smoking in control . But the sudden increase in my body weight is bringing me to a lot of limitations . I happen t read a lot about HOT ROX- EXTREME and Indigo-3g fat burners. Honestly , iam not a big fan of fat burners(other brands) , coz I had taken them in the before , and dint do any help at all . Later i changed , my eating habits and workouts , and started seeing results in the past . Am a bit confused whether, if should bee going for HOT ROX-EXTREME or Indigo-3g .


Sorry to hear about all that man. Regarding Indigo 3G, anytime is a good time for Indigo. Typically it’s taken on a gaining phase so you can get the carbs in and direct them more towards muscle and away from fat, but I’ve also taken them during contest prep and it’s always a great supplement.

I don’t think you’ll see any benefit from HOT ROX until you get your training and diet in line. It sounds like you’ve got some work to do in terms of consistency, supplements are meant to be supplementary to an already properly executed training and nutrition plan, otherwise you have no way to know if they’re working or not.

Best of luck, be sure to post any questions you have about training or nutrition.