Fat Loss: Pulse or Time Restricted-Plus Eating?


Hi all,

Wanted your opinion on the best method for fat loss and muscle retention.

The Pulse eating plan looks simple and straightforward, but what kind of results have you seen? I was 375, now 262, need to lose about 42lbs for goal weight and then reassess from there.

Is Pulse a good option for this or is the Time Restricted eating plus Mag10 a better option? Or hell, maybe do both?



The pulse feast and time-restricted-plus diet are actually pretty similar, so I’m not sure how you’d mash them together anyhow.

It’s really a matter of which you think will fit your lifestyle (and willpower) best. With time-restricted-plus plan, you have a longer eating window instead of just one meal, so you could either see more time for normal meals as a sanity-saver or as more time to make poor choices with food. Only you know you best.

You’ve seen some serious results so far, so you probably have a decent idea about what you can handle.


I misspoke, didn’t mean mash the two together. Meant to say pick one for a certain period of time and then do the other one to continue to shock the body.

I’m a little disappointed in my fat loss. Since Dec 2015 I have only dropped 1.4% body fat ( 31.5% down to 30.1% as of this afternoon). With how much muscle I have been putting on and how much I have gone up in weights I would have expected to be at least in the 20% range.

So if I do the Pulse Feast (which sounds so super easy giving how busy summertime is), should I be taking anything with it? Like Indigo and/or Carbolin 19? I feel like my body just does not want to burn stubborn fat.


Ah, I gotcha. It wouldn’t be much of a shock though, because they are very similar. If anything, keeping the nutrition the same and adjusting the training could be more of a plateau-buster, but I saw in your other thread something about you just changing the training, so you may have that covered.

Indigo-3G would be a great addition for dropping fat and improving insulin sensitivity. On the pulse feast, you’d take a serving before training or, on non-training days, before the meal.

I get what you’re saying, but I don’t think we’re in “stubborn fat” territory yet, we’re just still dealing with burning plain old fat. No offense. Know what I mean though? You’ve already lost 100+ pounds, which is huge progress without a doubt, but “stubborn fat” usually refers to people who are lean and defined except for one specific “problem area” like lower abs or love handles.

I think when you get your training, nutrition, and supps dialed in, you’ll see some progress kick in. Consider starting a training log over on the T-Nation forum or laying out your training and diet plan in a thread there and you can get some more feedback on it.

Are you using other methods to track progress? Measuring bodyfat percentage is vague and unreliable. Simple progress photos and measurements tend to be more concrete and give a better indicator of whether or not things are working.


Nice work so far! I absolutely loved the Pulse Feast. It was simple, straightforward, and worked perfectly for my days. I didn’t have to think. It just worked.


Would you mind sharing your experience/results? What did a typical day consist of?

For me, I have two different days.

11am: hr workout w/ trainer

Workout around 5pm

How would you see the Pulse Feast working in these days?


Thanks so much for all the feedback Chris. I think I am going to move ahead with the Pulse Feast.

I get what your saying about the stubborn fat. It gets frustrating when what was working stops and you have to reevaluate.

As for the body fat percentage, I just assumed that having lost 16lbs alone during Feb-Mar made me think it would be lower. I’m thinking the loss during those months may have been a good amt of muscle because of the amt of cardio I was doing. I have stopped the cardio and o my do about 2 hrs a week.

So I take Indigo-3G before meals, what about before workouts? Would Carbolin-19 work well too?