Fat Loss Prescription

Hi Chris and All,

Ever since being on I3G, my strength gains have been great. I’d have to shamefacedly admit, though, that I haven’t had the same kind of success with fat loss (though I have put on muscle). This is my own fault, for I have not paid enough attention to diet even though I wanted to initially. I have decided to attack this now, and am following this minimalist approach:

  1. Wake up, MAG-10.
  2. Walk to work (~25 min).
  3. Coffee+ 1/2 cup oats+1 scoop MD +raisins. (sometimes I have a finibar in lieu of this).
  4. Indigo, after 20 min, Finibar.
  5. Train, with SWF.
  6. Post: MAG-10. After 1/2 hour, 1/2 cup oats+1 scoop MD+raisins.
  7. The rest of my day is simply protein shakes - probably around 8 scoops.
  8. Walk back from work (~25 min).

My total carb intake comes to around 250 gms per day.

I am wondering if you can look at that schedule of mine and let me know if there’s anything you’d do differently in terms of diet. I do walk to every place, so in addition to heavy training, I do get enough NEPA, in the spirit of V-Diet.

I’d appreciate any input. Thanks!

Looks pretty good overall. Fine-tuning wise, I’d drop the raisins, but that’s really nitpicking. Better to go for veggies than fruits when the main goal is fat loss.

Get a calorie count if you haven’t already. While it’s much tougher, one can gain fat or stall fat loss eating too much healthy stuff. It’s be a good idea to see where you’re at.

And if you can, add 10 minutes of conditioning work to the end of every lifting session: KB swings, battle ropes, sprints, farmer’s walk. etc. Doesn’t matter what and variety is best with conditioning work, as long as it’s short and intense.

Thanks Chris! I usually am careful to get enough protein in, and of late, have been careful of carbs too (and not just eye-balling them). I don’t count exact calories, though. I’ll do so from now on.

I do add a circuit now and again, but should try and do that more regularly. I have done Nick Tumminello’s plate circuit, and should start doing Farmer’s Walks as well. Cheers!

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