Fat Loss: Help Getting Started


I am needing to lose body fat and a decent amount of it I feel. (never actually measured). I am 5’11 215 lbs. I gain weight extremely easily (used to weigh about 270 about 2 years ago). Basically I want to actually get to a point where I look like I work out (any sort of definition). I am interested in the V-Diet but it is not in the budget at the moment. Any suggestions on a poor mans version that could be done? If I had to push it I could probably spend up to $200.


If you aren’t able to do the actual Velocity Diet as it is written, and that’s understandable, it’s better to go a different route.

These are a couple of solid options that will get you headed in the right direction without too much initial stress.

As for supplements, definitely start with workout nutrition. Regardless of your goal, Plazma is a game-changer.

If you want to maximize your budget, Surge Recovery is worth a look.

Since your goal is fat loss, Hot-Rox Extreme is top notch. You could start it now, or give your nutrition plan a head start, and add Hot-Rox in when things inevitably stall.

And as I’m sure you’re familiar with from the V-Diet, Metabolic Drive makes an excellent protein supplement for when things get hectic, and you just need to easily meet your protein numbers.


Rather than trying to cheap out on lesser proteins (which generally sacrifice flavor and/or quality), go with a basic high protein, low carb diet. The Green Faces Diet SBT linked to is a straight-forward and effective approach, and just an phenomenal article overall. :wink:

For a budget-friendly plan, I’d probably go that route and throw money towards quality workout nutrition to maximize the training results, with Surge Recovery or Surge Workout Fuel.

Good work on losing 50+ pounds so far. If you’ve lost that much and are still carrying a lot of fat, you need to make sure you’re also training right to build muscle along the way, otherwise you’ll end up weighing less but still being flabby. Make sure you’re lifting a few days a week with a good plan, and not just doing all cardio work.


I get that the V-Diet is expensive, but have you looked at how much money you can save on food. At least for me, I was easily spending $100+ a month on food alone…then add the supplements on top of that. I actually am saving money doing the V-Diet.