Fat Loss for Women


Hi, I am new to T Nation and read a couple great articles (3 complexes for rapid female fat loss, was very helpful in particular), I looking for advice on supplements to help with the weight loss. I am 5’3, 160 pounds already take protein during the day especially lunch.

I am interested in the Velocity Diet, however I’d rather not sink the money into it since my husband and I already take Protein (several flavors), pre workout and aminos for during workout and would only really need the Flameout and Plazma I believe. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


What type of protein? Not the brand, but the actual type - whey, casein, etc. That’s going to affect the digestibility and absorption of the shakes, as well as how full they actually leave you feeling.

Metabolic Drive is a blend designed to keep you feeling full so appetite isn’t an issue. That, plus flavor, are the two biggest problems people run into when using other proteins on a homemade Velocity Diet.

Flameout for the essential fatty acids, yep. And Plazma would actually replace the pre-workout and aminos for workout nutrition.

If you’re not doing a V-Diet-type plan, just adding Indigo-3G would be a great way to work towards fat loss. It’s a nutrient partitioner that re-trains your body to better process carbs and improves insulin sensitivity. Many people use it on its own, or implement it when transitioning off the V-Diet.


We use whey protein and I already use them for lunch at work and it leaves me feeling full until dinner. I’ll probably have to get the Plazma as well. I have the Superfood and Flameout arriving tomorrow. Dinners are pretty easy for us to achieve with the V-Diet outline. I will look at the Indigo-3G some more.