Fat Loss Combo Advice for Female

I have been taking Se7en and Fahrenheit for a few months at full dosage. I have seen some good results, but I am wondering if I could add Carbolin 19 to the mix to step up the results? I believe HOT-ROX will be too much for me and make me jittery.
I have been eyeing Indigo, but worry about cost, and if I would need to cut everything else out?

I suppose if I cut Se7en and Fahrenheit, forgot about the Carbolin 19 and switched to Indigo it would run about the same price-wise, but I wonder if this would be the best option for a female?

I am 31, F, lift 5x’s a week and hope to continue to cut fat and build muscle…

Thanks so much!

Hi raunch1, good questions.

You can add <a href=""target=“new”>Carbolin 19 to Se7en and Fahrenheit without any interference or overstimulation. However, we think <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G may fit your needs, and it you would not need any of the other supplements you mentioned when using Indigo-3G, which may help you fit it into your budget. Many females have had great success with Indigo. You can see their logs in the Indigo Project Logs forum.

Indigo-3G is a nutrient repartitioning agent, meaning that it essentially uses food to help you build muscle and perform at the top of your game in the gym instead of just storing things like carbs as body fat.

Most people who always struggle to stay lean do so because they have poor nutrient uptake mechanisms related to dysfunctional or “sick” fat cells. They store fat easily for one thing, and may not even be utilizing their nutrient intake optimally for lean muscle gains. In a nutshell, Indigo-3G repairs the underlying issues (crappy nutrient uptake mechanisms and inflammatory fat cells), allowing you to eat for lean gains without gaining fat, and lose fat easily without a super-restrictive diet plan. After using full dosage for 8 weeks and a period of maintenance dosage, many also find that their underlying issues are all fixed up and they no longer need to use the supplement.

Most Indigo-3G users also find they can lose fat while still eating plenty of clean carbs. They get better workouts, too. We’ve had a few Indigo-3G users even lose over 100 pounds each without a crazy-strict diet plan. They ate cleanly, but didn’t have to go low carb or do tons of traditional cardio to speed fat loss.

I dislike focusing on scale weight because if a woman loses 6 pounds of fat and gains 6 pounds of muscle, the scale will tell her she’s “stayed the same.” Of course, she’ll look and feel much different and notice that her clothes fit differently as her body composition shifts. That aside, about how much do you think you need to lose? Seven or eight pounds or more like 40?

If you decide to use Indigo-3G, you can start an Indigo log and we’d be glad to help you fine-tune your meal plan to optimize Indigo-3G usage.

Also, you may want to look into the auto-ship program after you try one bottle of Indigo-3G. That will greatly bring down the cost for you. Call 800-525-1940 for details, and you can see the auto-ship price at the Biotest store.

If you decide to just add Carbolin-19 to your stack and would still like us to look over your diet, we’d be glad to help you there too. You can post that in the <a href=""target=“new”>Chris Shugart Forum if you’d like some extra advice.


Thank you so much for the detailed information!!! At this point I am 5’7" and weigh 147. I have some ‘problem areas’ that have stuck around after having a baby, but I have noticed a drop in nearly 4 clothing sizes in the past three months, and the scale has not budged. So, I understand what you mean about the scale. I am aiming for a size 4 by August.

I took a look at some of the logs you suggested. Very impressive! My husband is taking it now and loves it.

If I switch to Indigo, would you recommend keeping with any of the three supplements I mentioned earlier? Se7en has been an old faithful for me and doesn’t make me feel funny or ‘amped’. I guess my concern is switching over and my body being confused and results slowed.
Will the Indigo make me feel jittery or ‘speedy’ or can you even feel a difference when taking it? I see the detailed dosage instructions, and I would just have to set up a log to keep track.

Do you suggest EVERYONE sticks to the 12 a day for a full 8 weeks before hitting the maintenance dosing, or could 6 weeks work before lowering to maintenance dose? Sticker shock is still settling in a bit for me. Haha! I see that a significant savings to set up recurring orders… That will most definitely help.

As far as diet goes, I eat fairly clean… High protein. No dairy. Minimal carbs (Bread, crackers, anything white and processed). Protein shakes once or two times a day… 3 - 4 meals. Calories are kept between 1000 and 1500/day. Lots of water. BCAAs. Multivitamin. Fish oil.

Is there anything else that I may need to know about Indigo? I am strongly considering switching over. Just need to know if I should keep any of my current supplements in addition.

Thanks again for your time and help!!!

Congrats on your progress so far! I don’t speak “women’s clothing sizes” but my wife tells me that dropping four sizes is a very good thing. [insert smiley face here]

You can use the other supplements you mentioned with Indigo-3G. They won’t interfere. However, most Indigo-3G users don’t need dedicated fat burners or related products when using it. We’d suggest going with just Indigo-3G.

Indigo isn’t a stimulant. Some people report feeling warm and feeling “good” on it, but it does not contain any stimulatory ingredients. In fact, many people take it right before dinner and go to bed after they eat. As for what you’ll feel on Indigo, Tim Patterson has an article on that here: <a href=""target=“new”>What to Expect

Most people will want to use the full dose of Indigo-3G for 8 weeks. This insures the long-term effects will take place. Some do use it only before training to drive in workout nutrition. They’ll see some of those benefits too, but 8 weeks is best for those seeking all the “fat cell fixing” benefits.

Yes, the auto-ship plan is the best bet, especially if your husband is also an Indigo user. Call 800-525-1940 for details. It’s a good deal and easy to modify or drop when needed. We also have package deals at the <a href=""target=“new”>Biotest Store if you’re looking to add workout nutrition. In fact, rather than using Se7en and the other supplements mentioned, the #1 thing we suggest adding is a peri-workout drink such as Plazma or Mag-10. (Mag-10 could also replace both your protein shake and your BCAA.)

Your calories actually seem pretty low. Sometimes that can slow fat loss if they drop too much. But that’s another advantage of Indigo-3G: most people can eat more (good foods of course) and have the extra calories repartitioned toward muscle instead of fat storage.

Awesome information, yet again!

I have been following the topic posted near this one posted by accidentalyogi and noticed that she mentioned MAG-10 pulses, so I have been researching that as well, but may just use it as recommended.

Well, I am sold. I am switching, and will see where my husband is on his usage and have auto shipping set up.

The article you linked by Tim Patterson was very informative. I bookmarked it and will keep reminding myself to eat more!

Is there consequence if I accidentally miss a dose?

Thanks so much for all of your information!

[quote]rauch1 wrote:

Is there consequence if I accidentally miss a dose?

No, but of course it’s best to be consistent. Some Indigo-3G users have simply added a day or two to their 8-week full dosage cycle to “make up” for a missed dose or two here or there. That’s a good plan.

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