Fat Loss Blitz?


Hey Chris, I’ve never posted in the v-diet section of T-Nation but i guess this is where you ‘ask chris’ so…

my question - What would you do for someone looking to shed that last little layer of belly fat before a vacation? I’ve been on a strict diet for 3 weeks, coming up on the 4th week now and on the beginning of the 6th week i will be gone on vacation. I can see my abs when flexed but would like to really tighten up in the last 2 weeks to make sure that my efforts have fully paid off. I have heard you mention in the past of a couple weeks of the V-Diet merged with 2-3 days of all out pulse fasts. Is this what you would recommend for a final phase blitz?


Actually, reading this over in my head makes me realize I am likely not in need of a blitz. I still have 3 weeks that i should just gradually taper my cals off…


Much would depend on what you’re doing now.

Diet may just need to stay the same, if it’s truly clean to begin with, and all you’d need to do is ramp up activity. Semi-fasted morning cardio with MAG-10 sipped just before and during, for example.

Or, your diet could use tightening. Usually there are things here and there that can be refined. It’s not so much about counting calories as it is about making good food choices. There’s a point when you can’t just keep dropping cals – you’ll wreck your metabolism, lose muscle etc. You may need a refeed, or better food choices, or just some cardio or metabolic work (see Dan John’s Metabolic Swing article for an example.)

But sure, a Pulse Fast done twice per week, with dieting-level calories and appropriate activity would certainly speed things up. As would the Pulse Feast method only with a controlled final meal of the day.

Depending on what you’re doing already, the <a href=""target=“new”>100 Gram Carb Cure may work for you in the final weeks. Then again, you may already be doing something similar.

The fasted I’ve ever dropped body fat was a two-week period of V-Diet mixed with twice-weekly Pulse Fasts.

Lots of options really.