Fat Girl Melting

WARNING: There will be pics. Feel free to back out of the thread now before retinal damage occurs! :slight_smile: Also, if the only thing you can share is some variation of “damn, you’re fat!” either 1) go away and trash some poor idiot on RMP or 2) at least get creative and use a thesaurus. Otherwise, welcome! EDIT: and say, wouldn’t it be nice if they told you that your pic would attach above the post thus rendering the warning “too little too late- aargh, my eyes!!”

To make a long story short: Girl starts life tiny (and early), girl figures out how to put on weight, girl fails to stop putting on weight, girl tries lots of diets… for about 2.4 days each! Girl finds T-Nation, V-Diet whacks girl across face with glove and throws it down at her feet… and girl finally does something right. Girl. Gets. Pissed.

And so it begins. Today was day 1. And just in case you’re looking at the date, yes, it is the first of the month, but that’s purely coincidental. Step 1: skip all the rules of when to start a diet! It’s not Monday, it’s not after some upcoming holiday, I didn’t “finish up” everything in the fridge before starting, and while it is the first of the month, it’s also the day after THE box arrived. (Ok, I could have had it here faster- but two day shipping prices?? no way!)

So I’m at the end of day 1. I got to check off everything on my list of V-Diet tasks, shakes and sups. I probably spent a little too much time staring at the before pictures. That was a shock. Even when you think you know how bad it is, you still don’t. Really. It’s like hearing reports of an accident on the highway ahead of you and you’re picturing a couple of cars banged up on the side of the road, and what you actually have is a jet fuel truck burning so hot it’s melting an overpass. (Bonus points to anyone who gets that reference).

I’m looking forward to joining everyone here. As it’s past time to get to bed I’ll leave everyone with the fuel for my flame, and check in tomorrow!

ps- I’ll be changing rooms for the next pictures- peach skin against a peach colored wall and sunlight washout? I claim inadequate caffeine levels for that particular stupidity. Sorry.

side, followed by

yet more retinal damage (but with an awesome tattoo that I hope to someday be cool enough for).

GO for it girl! I’ll be excited to watch your results.

Damn your face looks yellow!

Good luck with the diet!

[quote]Makavali wrote:

Damn your face looks yellow!

Good luck with the diet![/quote]

Bad case of yellow face syndrome…

Hey, the yellow face is more natural than some of the spray-on tans I’ve seen…

Some of the much hated stats:
height: 5’8"
weight: 248.5
neck: 14 5/8
chest: 40 1/4
waist: 42 1/2
abs: 43 3/4
low belly: 49 1/2
hips: 51
R thigh: 30.5
R calf: 19

Blargh! Onward and upward!

A little hungry right now, 20 min to my next shake. I’m liking the flavors so far. The consistency is nice- god bless my vita-mix! I just need to remember to add the flax meal to the cup I’m drinking from, not the blender 'cause getting those damn flecks off the blender is a full time job in itself!

Superfood is definitely awesome. It’s the first green-type drink that I’ve liked- most I just gag a few down and toss the rest.

Surge- um, yeah… let’s just go with “intense”.

HOT-ROX Extreme- I can feel it working, but no jitters or anything so tomorrow I’ll take it up to 2 in the am, 1 in the pm and if that’s ok, I’ll go for 2 and 2.

I think this diet is going to totally ruin my reputation for procrastination! Suddenly everything on my to-do list isn’t a “chore”- it’s all magically NEPA! The only down side is all the money I’ll be spending on dog food so they won’t waste away from the added NEPA training walks every day. :slight_smile:


I have been struggling with weight all my life as have many people here.

good luck with the diet.


Good luck to you!! Keep a positive attitude!!

Just remember it will work, you will learn a lot about yourself, just do it right for 28 days.

I would certainly suggest getting a big cheering section behind you. I told everyone that I was doing it last time (am on it again starting this morning) so I knew I could fail to myself easily but if I had 20-30 people all asking me regularly how it was going then I knew I would have to answer to each one of them and remind myself that I did do it.

I was 350lbs so I understand where a lot of people who have lost control of their weight can feel. I used the diet to go from 240 lbs to 210 lbs, when I did it mid January to end of Feb.

Read Gustavos diary if you ever doubt the potential for change.

Find one reason, even if it is very specific, to do each day. A pair of jeans, to look like someone who has the body shape you want, to live healthier or to prove others wrong. Break it into pieces rather than thinking of it as a big mountain.

I know you can do it.

[quote]Stormwolf76 wrote:
Hey, the yellow face is more natural than some of the spray-on tans I’ve seen…[/quote]

LMAO! Well played.

Try chewing the liquid, apparently it helps digestion and can kill some of the hunger.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! I love how supportive the V-Diet forum is… and how willing to tell you when you’ve messed up. Hopefully I’ll skate through without too much of that.

Currently time to make my last shake and I’m just starting to be ready for it. I think the only problem today was a possible post-Surge blood sugar drop this morning. The rest of the time I haven’t gotten hungry before it’s time for the next shake.

Hopefully that will continue, because it’ll be awful going into my client’s houses and seeing junk food everywhere if I’m hungry on top of it. I had to give a dog pills tonight using peanut butter and it wasn’t tempting, but if I weren’t on the diet, I would have just licked the part I got on my hands without thinking about it. It’s kind of scary-amazing how often I would end up with just a little tidbit of something here and there without even noticing that I was doing it until I was already tasting the item. Just killing off that one habit at the end of the 28 days would be worth the price of all the shakes and supplements, I think!

Time to go grab my shake before checking on everyone’s progress for inspiration.


[quote]Makavali wrote:

LMAO! Well played.

Try chewing the liquid, apparently it helps digestion and can kill some of the hunger.[/quote]

I sometimes do that with my post work out shake, just to survive my way home (I often get like a starved, angry predator right after my work outs) and I think it does the trick! It is kind of a weird sensation to chew it, though :slight_smile:

Good Luck stormwolf! I’ll be watching :slight_smile:

And the “intense” Surge…it’ll get better. Just keep adding more water.

Here’s my (unsolicited) advice for ya: play around with consistency a lot. I didn’t realize how much of a difference this can really make. I just started making puddings this week and it’s made me insanely happier. And when i’m sick of f*ing Metabolic Drive, I just make my shake nice and thin so I can sip it like water. And when I’m extra hungry, I dump in tons of ice so it takes longer to eat.

I know Chris says to play around with this stuff a lot, but I never realized how much room there really is in the V-Diet to make yourself happier.

And oh yeah… if you’re at all like me… vanilla Metabolic Drive + cinnamon

[quote]kakattack wrote:
Good Luck stormwolf! I’ll be watching :slight_smile:

And the “intense” Surge…it’ll get better. Just keep adding more water.

And oh yeah… if you’re at all like me… vanilla MD + cinnamon [/quote]


I think I’ll stick with chugging the Surge and immediately following it with water. I don’t know that I could face having to drink more ounces and I have no problem with the consistency. (Plus that limit on how much I can get down quickly without jamming my stomach so full that it does a “return to sender”, 'cause frankly I’d rather break bones than hurl).

Maybe I’ll try the cinnamon. I’m loving the vanilla MD with superfood and a couple drops of almond extract (the only extract I have with no sugars). I think we need a shake recipes thread if there isn’t one already.


I know what you mean. It seems like even in the first week bad habits are getting crushed. I haven’t had any cravings all day, and have not thought of food whatsoever (OMG). I’m still looking forward to my HSM though…

I’ll really looking forward to seeing your progress.

[quote]wecndo wrote:

I know what you mean. It seems like even in the first week bad habits are getting crushed. I haven’t had any cravings all day, and have not thought of food whatsoever (OMG). I’m still looking forward to my HSM though…

I’ll really looking forward to seeing your progress.[/quote]

I had such a busy day that I completely forgot food existed! I got all my shakes in semi on schedule, but I was drinking them because I didn’t want to mess up the plan, not because I remotely cared about eating! Ordinarily a day like today would have involved at least one trip to Starbucks, probably two. Jeesh, I guess I just saved over 15 bucks on that alone today.

I can feel the mental changes kicking in nicely. I don’t even care about the stuff in the fridge (or the half gallon of ice cream in the freezer) that someone stocked up on. I am tempted to go outside and sniff the swordfish steaks currently cooking on the grill, though. If I were to fall off (which I’m not!!), it would be for grilled meaty anything, not for sweets. I have to think of this as the new normal- I keep catching myself saying “that’s not like me”… but I want it to be part of the “new” me, so I’ll work changing my mental “self-portrait” to fit the changes.

I really am looking forward to weighing and measuring on Tuesday. Usually I’m a daily weigher when on a diet, and then I mess up with the “well, I lost x amount more than I thought I would so I can have y item”. I really like that the V-Diet is so black and white.

Now I just have to figure out how to plan my HSM when I don’t care about food and am never hungry…


I think that when you get closer to the meal it may be easier to think about it. I might suggest not doing the shopping for it. I remember my first trip to a big supermarket when on the diet and I was like a dear in headlights. I never really considered how many choices there were I could barely buy the food.

Only suggesting is that since this is supposed to be in part about resetting, make the new meal simple and in keeping with what you want the future you to be eating regularly. I can still remember the baked carrots and steamed broccoli I had as my first meal. Better than anything I can remember.

Well, I made it through the holiday from hell without any major diet-related problems, just work-related timing issues. I will confess to “cheating” today… with one raspberry!! I savored that sucker, and crunched every tiny seed with great relish. I didn’t even want a second one- just that one lovely taste, fresh off the cane. Mmmm…

Finally decided on my HSM (read: remembered it existed) for tomorrow. I’ll be having 1.5 buffalo patties and green beans with almonds (no sauce of any kind). Best thing is, it’s already in my freezer, so no shopping. I did go to the market the other night for food for my dogs and some drink mixes. Nothing else looked interesting, which is nice considering what I would have been tempted by in the really recent past! Is this really only day 6?? I did jump on the scale the past 2 days (needing a non-food pick-me-up) and the numbers look good for tomorrow. I can see the difference in my jaw line… I almost have one! :slight_smile:

Made a great shake today with vanilla MD and 2 tsp. of instant espresso. Holy shit! That was waaaayyyy better than a frappucino.

Dammit, off to blend another shake. But I’m full… sigh Oh well, not exactly the worst problem to have on a diet. :slight_smile:


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