Fat and 40

Hey just got my supplements, starting diet on sunday/monday. Must find Flameout substitute for now. Any suggestions. Thanks.

Flameout is back in stock so if you order it today you can have it by mid-week. In the mean time just take whatever fish oil you have on-hand or can find that might be comparable. Not a lot of help, I know but I usually just use Flameout so I don’t know a lot of other brands.

When I ordered my supplements i ordered Flameout, so it was on back order. Thanks. Having steak tonight for my going away meal.

Hey just got my supplies for 2. My better half wants to know the best time to take the Se7en supplement that came with the bundle pack. We both started the V-Diet today. 27 lovely fun days to go. Is this where i keep track of my stuff or do i start a different blog or thread somewhere else.

Just keep your log right here, post some pics and stats so we can follow along.

As for the Se7en, no clue as I don’t take it. What does the label say? :-p

Looking forward to your (and your better halfs) progress!

Hey all thanks for your help. We are on day three and still no Flameout:(. Otherwise we have been very strict to the diet.

We have pictures and stats, just organizing and will post soon. Probably with first week weighin and measurements for instant comparsion. 1st workout tonight.

Shakes dont tast too bad. I look forward to the banana cream and peanut butter at night.

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