Fasted or Un-Fasted NEPA?


Hi Chris,

The diet instructions proper call out fasted walks as better than not. I see some people as really focused on walking first thing in the morning and others not so much but still walking. Many mornings I get up EARLY and need to get out the door (the extra 1 hour and 15 minutes would be very difficult) so I have just been making sure I get the walks in.

While I’m bothering you, is more NEPA better? I like the idea of getting as much as possible (say 2 hours total) if I can get there. Not breathing hard but still pushing myself (about 4mph right now)



Some simple forms of NEPA - picking a parking spot further away from the doors, taking the stairs not the elevator. It’s not complicated. Not sure what type of job/life you have or anything but NEPA is just about moving and not taking the lazy mans route to most activities/situations. I think that it’s easier to finds ways to work it into your day instead of trying to keep track of it/program it/whatever.


Extra NEPA is good any time. Even when formulating the V-Diet I wasn’t always able to do it in the AM. PM is fine. I had several pre-bed walks.

Extra NEPA never hurts, as howie said above. You can’t “overtrain” NEPA and it’s never catabolic. “Seek movement.”


Early morning worked for me. I would hit the treadmill for 30 minutes at 4% incline at 4 mph and catch up on my DVR programs. Worked great. Easier to park farther from the door at work or the shopping centers as you do not necessarily have to deal with the mouth breathers lumbering their way to the door…