Fasted Cardio


Hey Chris, I figured I might as well ask since its been on my mind long enough.

I remember reading an article about fasted cardio, the non panting, brisk walk uphill type thing for an hour before eating. Would this be something we can add during the transition phase of the VD. Mainly ask since at work I have around 45min-1hr of free time I can just walk around and than have a shake.

Might as well ask if it’s something I could add during Indigo too (assuming no, or just not worth it though).

Thanks in advance!


Sure, that’s Dr. Lowery’s approach. He takes sips of MAG-10 during as I recall.

Good plan. Could work with V-Diet or Indigo-3G.


Thanks Chris, guess I’ll start doing that today…


I’m getting the picture that pre-breakfast walks can fit into any workout plan or diet, since they’re not strenuous. I have been doing them during my V-diet (in transition phase currently) and have been looking at them as NEPA. Also helps me wake up in the morning.


I’ve done walks in the morning on the VD, but never did I do one without having my shake first. I just remember seeing “DONT SKIP YOUR MORNING SHAKE” and from there on I had the rather safe than sorry mindset.