Fast 'n Easy Greens

Like me, you probably learned to hate spinach as a kid because you only ate it in mushy form from a can. And it probably tasted more like can than spinach.

Here’s a tasty, grown-up way to get your greens and actually enjoy it.

The Stuff

Big bag of mixed greens. I use a blend of spinach, baby bok choy, and chard. Plain spinach works too.
Coconut oil
Lemon juice
Garlic (I use the kind pre-diced in a jar)
Salt and pepper


  1. Melt your coconut oil in the biggest pan you’ve got. Use as much as you need, no specific amount required.

  2. Add diced garlic to taste. Allow to brown for about a minute.

  3. Add as much greenery as you can. Really overflow it because it cook down nicely.

  4. Flip and stir as it begins to wilt. I keep mine somewhat leafy, allowing it to wilt but not become mushy. This will only take a couple of minutes.

  5. Add salt, pepper, and lemon juice to taste. Serve.


Any herb or spice works. Hot pepper flakes added at the end of cooking give it a fiery punch.

Add diced onions when you add the garlic if you like them. Allow them to become translucent before adding greens.

Here’s the brand of mixed greens I like. Picked it up at Walmart actually.

swiss chard is awesome!

this is the best way to enjoy greens :slight_smile:

Theres a great produce store I go to on the weekends that has all sorts of fresh local greens for super cheap
when I don’t have time for that I like getting clearance bags of spinach from the grocery store, usually 30 - 70 cents for a good amount of spinach or kale that’s a couple days from wilting

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