Fast, Easy Broccoli


i eat this everyday its so good.

What you need:
1 lb bag of frozen broccoli
crushed red pepper
jar of chopped garlic
olive oil
a pan
a stove
a microwave

i dont know how to do multiple images in 1 post, so this will be continued in the next post.


Step 1:
put the stove on medium low
add some olive oil (the pic probably has too much)
add 1 spooful of chopped garlic
add some crushed red pepper

let that get up to a nice easy sizzle. dont let it go crazy, you dont want to burn the garlic.


Step 2:

the frozen broccoli i get can be steamed in the microwave right in the bag. try to get this kind. it makes it very easy.

let the garlic sizzle for the 4-5 minutes that the broccoli is in the microwave.
when the broccoli is done immediately add it to the pan.


Step 3:

increase heat to medium

Mix it up! get the garlic, oil and crushed red pepper nicely mixed into the broccoli.

let it cook for 2-3 more minutes


Step 4:
your done. put it on a plate and eat it.

this exact recipe works perfectly well for green beans and other vegetables. and i really do eat it everyday. never gets old for me.

Part of a good HSM.


Great Greg! It’s easy but people don’t realize just how easy!


Coo.l. Thanks!


me gusta, sounds good.