Family Visits Damage Control


Hey Chris,
I figured you’d be the expert to give me the best advice with this. A few times a year, I visit my family for about a week. Well, eating the meals made there is not an option. Just to give you an idea, my mom called me to brag about her new chicken recipe for which the marinade is made out of ketchup and Pepsi. Yep, you read that correctly. Think breaded frozen chicken with boxed mac and cheese kind of nights.

Secondly, MAKING my own meals is not really an option either. My mother is very anal about me using her kitchen and just about has a heart attack if I use it at a non-breakfast, lunch, or dinner time of day. She also gets flustered that I “can’t just eat what she makes.”

So, my question is what would be a good supplement for me to have shipped there for the week. I’m looking for something that could actually take the place of 2-3 meals/day. I won’t be lifting. I was also thinking it may be a good time to give a pulse feast a try. I’m open to all suggestions. My goal is to avoid making myself completely sick during the week, get in plenty of key nutrients, and “keep the peace” back home without anyone asking questions about my eating habits.



Families are fun, aren’t they?

Well, a full-on Pulse Fast is one option, but that’s just 36 hours, once or twice per week: So for that you’d mainly need MAG-10 and Power Drive.

Other than that, it’s hard to beat meal replacement shakes. Metabolic Drive Low-Carb or Muscle Growth Formula, your choice. Maybe a box of MD bars as well.

You could probably do a V-Diet “Lite” or a Transition phase: a few shakes a day and one solid meal.

Some Superfood would also be handy if there are no veggies and fruits around.

Let me know how that works out.


The only problem with superfood, is that the stuff will typically last me a month. I need something I can finish in just a week. Muscle Growth Formula actually seems like my best bet. 3 scoops of that does really feel like a meal. As far as “veggies,” they typically come in the form of corn in a can.