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Velocity Diet that is…

I was not going to start a log, but since they seperated the V-Diet forum and I will not be clogging up the main forums, I thought I would give it a go. Today was day 1 of my second time around on the diet(1 year apart). Starting Measurements are as follows:

Height = 5’10"
Weight = 216
BF% = N/A Will use omron tonight just to get a guage.
Stomach(around lovehandles) = 38.5"
Upper abs(belly button to nipple line) = 9.75"
Chest = 43"
Left bi = 16.75
Right bi = 16.5
Right Thigh = 25"
Left Thigh = 24.75"
Calves are both = 17"
Ankles both = 9.75"
Neck = forgot, will measure tonight.

I will also post starting pics when I get home from work tonight.

My calories consist of 1800 on workout days and 1500 on non-workout days. I am folliwing the diet to a T. I am not adding extra meals, alternative protein sources and/or other supplements.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I will be performing CW’s routine that he designed for the Velocity Diet. First workout will be tonight.

Before Pics…




I guess I will have to learn how to post the pics a little better. Anyway, first day wasn’t bad at all.

5am - 2 HOT-ROX and 1hour NEPA walk @4mph on slight incline.
8am - 2 scoops banana Metabolic Drive
12pm - 2 scoops chocolate MD w/2 servings of flax and 3 Flameout.
2pm - 2 HOT-ROX
3pm - 2 scoops banana MD and 2 fiber choice.
6pm - 2 scoops orange MD.
9pm - 2 scoops chocolate MD, serving of flax, serving of PB and 3 Flameout.

What is everyone’s feeling on taking Surge if you workout late at night. I know it isn’t a good idea to use so many carbs so late, but I guess they are getting utilized rather quickly. Would I be better off waiting until I get my workout in early on another day? Was either planning Mon, Wed and Fri late workouts or Tues, Thurs and Sat early evening workouts.

[quote]Falco1 wrote:
5am - 2 HOT-ROX and 1hour NEPA walk @4mph on slight incline.

Assuming you meant on a treadmill, is that really still Non-Exercise Physical Activity?

EDIT: Assuming I got that acronym right.

Yes it was on a treadmill. According to Chris, the NEPA or non exercise physical activity should be around 4mph which is about .5mph more than an average male walks. I went for 4 miles, or 1 hour.

[quote]Falco1 wrote:
Yes it was on a treadmill. According to Chris, the NEPA or non exercise physical activity should be around 4mph which is about .5mph more than an average male walks. I went for 4 miles, or 1 hour.[/quote]

Fair enough. Although may I suggest going for a real walk? Depending on the weather, I found it to be quite relaxing.

Just take one of those little stopwatch thingies that shows you the speed you’re moving. Mine has a buzzer that goes off when you drop under the preset speed and another for halfway and full distance.

Sure, I will throw lots of ‘real walks’ in there. Here in Ohio the weather is finally getting consistently nice out. If it isn’t too much to ask, I would appreciate some more details on that stopwatch and/or pedometer device you have.

Thanks for the feedback man.

You look like you have a solid base to start with in terms of muscle mass so this should be good to watch. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

You said this was your second time doing the diet; how did the first time go? Were you successful?

Hey man, I appreciate the support. I am hoping to get Gus-like results, but we will see. we seem to be starting from similar points, although he seemed to start with a little more muscle mass.

I did the diet last year around this time. I lost about 18 pounds, but in all fairness to the diet, I was traveling alot so my NEPA and HSM both were not up to par. I was happy with the results I did get though. I then went into an unsucessful bulk.

I know know I need to get much leaner before I attempt that again and I am hoping the v-diet will point me in the right direction this time around. I have learned a lot more since then and learned to deal with meals and exercise better when traveling.

Like right now, I just came back from taking a customer to lunch for a nice steak dinner and I sat there sipping on a chocolate shake drinking water as he ate…hahahaha

I lost the first one I had. It didn’t have a brand on it. But right now I’m using the Nike/iPod sports kit.

[quote]Makavali wrote:
I lost the first one I had. It didn’t have a brand on it. But right now I’m using the Nike/iPod sports kit.[/quote]

No problem man. I will look at a few this weekend. Thanks for the info.

Today went pretty well for day 2. I remember last time, day 2 was pretty rough for me.

Diet was identical to yesterday with the exception of flavors mixed around. I worked 14 hours today, so I just completed a 3 mile NEPA walk. I will do another about 4am.

Monday and Tuesday was rediculously hectic, so workouts will be Wed, Frid and Saturday this week and then back to the prescribed Mon, Wed and Fri next week.

Since my HSMs are on Saturdays, I will post weekly weight, measurement and pic updates every Friday, starting with this Friday.

Thanks for reading…

Day 3.

5am HOT-ROX and 1 hour NEPA on treadmill.

8am Orange shake

12pm Chocolate shake and 3 Flameout

2pm 2 HOT-ROX

3pm Banana shake w/flax seed

6pm Strawberry shake and fiber tabs

7:30pm 1/2 Surge

Overhead squats - 95lbs for 7 sets of 3.
Wide Grip Pull-ups - 15lb backpack for 7 sets of 3.
Dips - 45lbs for 7 sets of 3.

Workout felt pretty good. Overhead squats felt a little awkward but I got used to them after a few sets. Tried to keep the weight so to get perfect form, performing fast reps.

2 sets of side planks with a 60 sec. hold. These were tough as hell. I was suprised how difficult these are to maintain for 60 seconds.

Rest of my Surge after workout.

9:30pm - Banana shake with 1 serving of natty PB and flax.

Before bed - 3 ZMA and 3 Flameout

Day 4

7am - 2 HOT-ROX

8am - Chocolate shake andfiber chews

12pm - Orange shake w/ Flameout

2pm - 2 HOT-ROX

3pm - Banana shake with 1 serving of flax

6pm - Strawberry shake

9pm - Chocolate Metabolic Drive, Natty PB and flax pudding.

The pudding tasted awesome. Just what I needed. I was struggling a little bit today. I was a lot hungrier than I have been, so to be able to sit and enjoy a bowl of “pudding” it was great.

10pm - 1 hour NEPA walk

Before bed I will have 3 Flameout and 3 ZMA.

Update pics and measurements will be taken Saturday morning. Saturday will be my HSM. Taking the mother-in-law out to eat. I am eye-balling some grilled seafood, veggies and a salad.

Good luck with the diet man.

The different flavors help, don’t they?

Only 3 Flameout? I’m sure the serving size is 4. Don’t skimp on that! You’ll need the Fats from that, flax seeds and Peanut butter!

HSM looks good too.

I appreciate the support man.

I must have forgot to type in some Flameout. I have been taking 6 a day. I been doing that since Flameout pretty much came out, so it is so habit for me I don’t consider them supplements.

You are right, the various flavor choices does make it much easier. Orange is probably my least favorite, but it is tolerable. It is definately not disgusting as I have seen it described.

On another note, prior to the V-Diet, my weigh ins were Friday mornings. Because of this, I couldn’t help but to get on the scale. I know much of it is water, but I am down 11 pounds. I checked about 5-6 times to verify. Definately happy about that. Tomorrow is the official weigh in…

Tip for newbies reading this thread:

Start taking weight into account in the second week. Ignore the first week after you finish as well.

First week is water weight loss (mostly).

First week off is said water weight coming back.

If you look at the 3 weeks in between and 2-3 after, you can calculate a better idea of the actual weight lost! Trust me when I say you’ll still be pleased.

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