Fahrenheit Status?

So what’s up with this stuff? It’s been out of stock for what feels like a year now. Is it ever coming back? If I can’t get my Se7en, I need it’s speed (ok, fine, caffeine) infused cousin!

There’s no timetable for when/if it’ll be coming back. Hot-Rox is the best alternative. Very similar formula, the biggest difference is that it doesn’t have the ingredient from Se7en. Still plenty effective for dropping fat.

Indigo-3G is another one to consider, and something I’d actually rank about Hot-Rox or Fahrenheit in terms of priority. It’s a strong nutrient partitioner that helps basically make your nutrition plan more effective by re-training your body how to better handle carbs.

It has no stimulants or caffeine because it’s not a “fat burner” in that sense, but tons of people use it to get lean and build muscle.

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