Fahrenheit Dosage

I have taken a bottle’s worth of Fahrenheit and I really liked it! I know with other stimulants it is recommended to take a month off then you may go back, so I just recently ordered Seven. I have read other forums and see that Seven and Fahrenheit together is a good stack and I’m really looking to lean out quick, so my question is can I order another bottle of Fahrenheit or should I wait a month and stick with Seven? I haven’t taken Fahrenheit in about a week.

It’s generally a good idea to cycle stimulant-containing supplements, but there are no hard and fast rules about how long to take off. A week or two off seems fine for those people that tolerate them well.

Otherwise, using <a href=""target=“new”>Se7en between bottles of <a href=""target=“new”>fahrenheit is a good plan. But yes, they can be used together at the same time since they work via different mechanisms and Se7en doesn’t have any stimulatory properties. What you could do is use them together, then take a week or two off of fahrenheit but keep using Se7en during that off time.

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