FA3 and Flameout

Hey there. Question: Are both of these supplements sufficient to meet my fat macros for the day or should I still be including good fats (pb, fish, etc…) in my meals throughout the day? I take 4 of each with my multi every morning. Thanks.

You still need to get some good fats from whole food sources, though <a href=""target=“new”>Flameout probably has you covered for omega-3. There’s no real need to scramble to eat a lot of salmon if you’re taking Flameout. But think in grams of total fat as well. If you ate no whole food sources of fat, your current intake wold only be about 7-8g per day with the supplements. If you’re not getting things like olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, eggs, avocado, meat, etc. then you’ll likely want more. And <a href=""target=“new”>FA3 is usually used 2-3 times per day, not just once.

Okay, thanks Chris. I understand. I’ll add 4 more FA3 in PM.

…I have been keeping my fats at about 50-55g daily so it looks like I’m on track. Thanks again. Biotest rocks!

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