Extra (Natural) Supplementation?


Hi guys/Chris,

I’m currently taking some other supplements beyond what is dictated by the V-Diet. This is my second attempt that the V-Diet (first attempt got pulled short for reasons outlined in my log). These supplements are either ones that I’ve found help with fat metabolism in the past or just feel improve my general feeling of health. Here’s my morning supplement schedule:

Flameout (as prescribed)
Vitamin D - 1000IU (Mostly an indoor worker, so this helps)
2 x Magnisum capsule - Containing 750mg magnesium, 12mg manganese, 120mg B6
150mg CoQ10
2 x Raw Thyroid capsules

Are there any issues with any of this stuff (other than Flameout obviously) on the V-Diet?

Thanks for the help.


Hmm, no idea what “raw thyroid” is, but I don’t see any problem with the other items.


Thanks Chris. The thyroid is this:

A trainer I used to work with told me he got great results from clients using this as a way to speed their metabolism and hence increase fat loss. I haven’t used it a great deal as yet, so I can’t speak for personal results.


Raw Thyroid is like the Sashimi version of cooked Thyroid, which is sometimes served over a small ball of brown rice sprinkled with eel sauce …