Extra Exercise for Curving Appetite


Hey Chris,

Hopefully a quick question for you. Just finishing up my first week and feeling pretty good. However, on the non-workout days I am having a hard time with hunger. I know exercise helps curve the appetite. So my question is can I put another day of weights or V-burn challenge without negatively affecting the plan? Extra NEPA is not doing the trick on those non-workout days. Drinking more water to help with that getting full feeling, but the constant feeling of having to visit the bathroom is getting annoying.

Thanks in advance!


Too much cardio can actually increase appetite rather than curb it, so definitely avoid that (hence one of the reasons there’s little to no cardio in the V-Diet plan.)

What I’d suggest is doing something restorative, such as foam rolling, stretches, planks, posture-work, or any of the various pre-hab exercises found in TNation articles.

Otherwise, short sessions of conditioning-like work are fine. Think of it as an abbreviated V-Burn: sled work, battle ropes, tire strikes, kettebell swings etc. Do not exceed 20 minutes.

All that said, hunger – or rather cravings mistaken for hunger since the V-Diet is nutrient dense – often goes away in week 2.