Extending the V Diet

Hello everyone,

Well I am currently on my third week of the V Diet, and I have been following the diet exactly (and performing the intermediate workout plan) except for HOT-ROX part.

On the first day of the diet I suffered a reaction to the HOT-ROX. This was strange as I have taken HOT-ROX problem free in the past.

Anyways I continued with the diet for 2 weeks without HOT-ROX and then began to take it again on Week 3 Day 1 after my initial symptoms disappeared.

My question is can I, or should I extend the diet for 2 more weeks with HOT-ROX as I want to maximize results and actually complete the diet

Thank you in advance.

I’d usually say to stop after 28 days and begin a strict Transition. Guidelines here:

“Strict” would mean only one HSM for the first week, then two for the next. Most people continue to drop fat during the Transition. (Some have even used that as the diet itself.)

However, in your case, where you feel you didn’t follow the plan exactly at first, you can probably extend it for at least a week, then hit the Transition.

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