Expectation for 'Some' Muscle Loss?

I am currently at the middle of week#2 and was wondering if the amount of muscle loss I’ve experienced should be expected. Granted, in the overall scheme of things, I think it’s an acceptable amount of muscle loss in relation to fat…I just don’t want to wither away too many of the gains I’ve made.

Starting Stats -
194.5 lbs
15.7 pct bf
Lean Body Mass - 163.96 lbs

Current Stats (as of this morning) -
181 lbs
11.2 pct bf
Lean Body Mass - 160.72 lbs

Total Overall Weight Lost - 13.5 lbs
Total Lean Body Mass lost - 3.24 lbs

My admitted faults on the program thus far:
Missed my Monday workout this week. Haven’t been lifting as heavy and as low a rep count as prescribed (due to recovery from shoulder injury) and haven’t made time for NEPA walks every day (but have tried to compensate by performing as much NEPA as possible - parking far away, taking stairs, etc).

I am not concerned about losing 3 or so lbs of Lean Body Mass, but don’t want to lose too much more or risk getting back to the scrawny state I was in post-SLAP repair of my right shoulder…UGLY thin arms). Thoughts?

If you’re following the plan correctly and using the right supplements, you won’t get any muscle loss.

I don’t know how you’re measuring this, but chances are you’re just seeing the standard fluctuations and “margins of error” in measurement methods.

A person who’s training properly, taking several anti-muscle-loss supplements, and drinking protein shakes all day simply does not lose 3 pounds of muscle in 2 weeks.

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